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* The small but nice club where you and your fantasies are welcome *

Hello, dear swing friends.
The RiJu is a private swingers club for open people who also like excess men
who want to live out their wishes and needs freely and without restriction in a cozy and stylish atmosphere.
Our motto: uncomplicated – sophisticated – familiar!

A MEETING for “real” swingers who know what they want,
who want to live freely and without restrictions beyond conventional moral concepts
and social taboos.
Since we have made it our mission to always put “pure swing” in the foreground, instead of a disco and wellness atmosphere,
the evening should be under this motto and embody what you all visit a swinger club for!
However, with the club’s usual rules of the game.
How far everyone wants to play and go is up to them.
Of course there is no sex guarantee!

We generally have a surplus of men and all rooms are open to everyone (except entrance & toilets) because the audience is respectful and polite …
Couples who prefer to stay among themselves should ONLY visit us on the pure couples evening! (see events)

If you really want to swing, come to us …

We offer you the opportunity to live out your fantasies in our rooms the way you want,
as long as you don’t bother other guests.
Having fun together in all play rooms
For hygienic reasons, all playgrounds are covered with synthetic leather!
A small SM room is available for dark cravings and bizarre games:
there you will find a gyn chair, a St. Andrew’s cross, as well as other possibilities to submit to pleasure.
You will have to bring your own toys, however.
We also have a black box and a glory hole.
So a lot is possible with us.

On weekends and depending on the event, you are available to strengthen yourself after the 1st, or ??? Round a cold / warm meal ready for the small hunger in between.

Drinks & food, towels, condoms and all hygiene items are included in the price.
* The admission prices given in the overview may change depending on the event and the days (pre- and public holidays)! *

*** Important ***
Registration is required for all events!
Admission is ONLY with a confirmed activation / commitment.
A spontaneous stop by is unfortunately not possible!
A swinger outfit is a prerequisite, we do not tolerate street clothing (e.g. sweatpants, jeans … and towel carriers) on our premises!

*** Although we are familiar, there are guaranteed NO groups – education ***

! If you don’t like a large location, this is the right place for you!

* Air-conditioned playground and bar area *

There are sufficient parking spaces

** Heated outdoor area for smokers **

* When the weather is nice, the outdoor terrace is open *

We look forward to your visit

Rita and Jupp


Club rules

Persons under the age of 18 are not in access.
Admission can be refused without giving
“bought ladies” (prostitutes, hostesses), drunks and unkempt persons are out of place with
us. We reserve the right to refuse entry to these persons.
Supreme swinger
rule. “Everything can, nothing must!” a “no” must be accepted.
Tolerance towards others, no matter what
The basic requirement for swingers is cleanliness!
Adequate personal hygiene should be a matter of course for everyone. There are showers and they are free!!!
Smoking and taking food and drinks with you is prohibited for safety reasons in the playground
High heels look great for women, but leave ugly holes on the mattresses.

! Please move out beforehand!
For reasons of cleanliness and hygiene, we ask you to put towels on the playgrounds
Throw used towels, used condoms and other waste into the designated container.
Don’t give AIDS a
chance! In our rooms there are condoms everywhere, these should also be used.

smile! Join the other guests and try to talk to them. A friendly conversation contributes a lot to sympathy. And sympathy is known to be crucial in the swinger club.
If you separate yourself, it will be assumed that you want to stay alone.
If you want to contact a couple or a single, you should address or touch the desired
partner. However, if the hand is pushed away, one should immediately leave without resentment and discussion.
Individual gentlemen or “couple men” have no right to a “woman”.
However, if you know how to win the sympathy of a woman through a nice conversation, you will always have good chances and a lot of fun. If you are not able to do so, you should not visit a swinger club, but perhaps rather a professional brothel.
Dress Code :
!!! Street clothes are not welcome with us !!! Allowed are lingerie, of any kind. The men boxer shorts, bodysuits, sexy lingerie. !!! Fine ribs will not be tolerated !!!
A word to the newcomers: everyone started small, so don’t be disappointed if everything wasn’t the way you imagined on the first
evening. This is quite normal. No one is angry if you just want to look around us. Better to come more often and start slowly than to cause a false start and fall by the wayside.
A word on my own
behalf! Be nice to the people who serve you in the evening. Sometimes it is not so easy to reconcile everything. And we also make mistakes. If something is wrong (paper towels, towels are missing, disturbing people, etc.), please let us know, because we do not see everything.
*** Important
For lost sums of money and valuables or forgotten clothes, we
This also applies to any injuries or
physical injuries suffered by us, of whatever kind! Stay at the club at your own risk and peril!




Corona Rules – Please Not

Our hygiene plan:

1. When entering the house, a mouth-nose protection must be worn.

2. Hands are to be disinfected. (Disinfectant is available)

3. Fill in your contact details for traceability with name, address,

Phone No. or email (each on an extra sheet)

4. After admission you will be placed by us, drinks will be served by the staff at the place.

5. Marked tables must be kept free.

6. At your seats, outdoor terrace and in the playrooms you need

to no longer wear the mouth/nose guard.

7. The game rooms may be used for 1 hour after entry of an occupancy protocol with 6 – 10 persons (according to room size).

The margins may ONLY be used by the registered persons.

After the end of use, these are cleaned and ventilated for up to 30 minutes.

8. In all areas, e.B. toilet facilities, corridors, etc. where the distance of 1.5 meters is not to be observed, the mask obligation applies.

9. Masks are also mandatory at the buffet, snake formation is to be avoided.

10. Regular hand washing and disinfection, comply with cough and sneeze etiquette.

The signposted instructions must be followed. Each guest accepts the house rules upon registration!

Please treat each other with care and respect and expressly adhere to these measures.

Because only in this way can we continue to be there for you.

Guests who do not comply with the rules currently in force or do not comply with the requests will be immediately expelled from the house.

Since we need your contact details for the stay, you can bring ready to avoid queues. (name, address, telephone number or e-mail)

Otherwise, fill in on site. More information is available at the Club!

… We hope for your understanding and despite limitations,

we wish you a great evening.





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