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Your Ultimate Hotwifing Guide For 2022

Your Ultimate Hotwifing Guide For 2022

Are you a Wife who fantasises of going off for a rendevous with a serious big cock whilst your husband is at home. Are you a Husband who wants to send your wife off to be fuck hard, only so you can reclaim her wet and used pussy when she retuns? A hotwife dynamic maybe for you!

If you’ve ever scrolled through a dating and hookup site or app geared toward ethical non-monogamous relationships and swinging, you’ve probably encountered the terms “hot wife” or  “Hotwifing”. And if you are not already familiar with those words, you must have wondered what they actually mean.

Hotwifing/hot wife is a well-known term widely used in Swinging and the adult lifestyle, and refers to a specific type of sexual behavior and sexual fantasy. Hot wife or “Hotwifing” is a term used in swinger communities to refer to a wife, or generally one’s partner, who is allowed to have intimate sexual relationships with other men.

Generally, a woman who is married to a man, but has sex with other men with the consent of her husband or male partner, is termed as a hotwife, this is the practice of Hotwifing.

What is Hotwifing?

Usually, in the traditional scenario of Hotwifing, the female partner is allowed and encouraged by her husband to go out and sleep with other men. It may also happen that the husband enjoys sexual satisfaction by watching his wife establish sexual relationships with other male partners. If the male or husband in this instance enjoys this as a sexual humilation kink then he in this fantasy is known as the “cuckold husband”.
This fantasy can be very stimulating for both people. It is a thrilling experience to spice up marriage and relationships and enjoy other sexual fantasies. When the third is involved it creates more excitement which acts as an extra sexual drive for a man, there is also the sexual kink of reclaiming your hotwife after her date with a bull. Whereas for the female partner who enjoys being a hotwife, establishing relationships with other men gives her a different self-confidence, Knows many experiences and sexual fantasies, gets full enjoyment of extreme sexual desire, fulfills the sex life with a other ben.
Truly Hotwifing is an amazing way to fulfill sexual fantasies and to live out kinky sexual fantasies.
To put it simply – a hotwife is a married woman who with the full knowledge and consent of her husband, has sex with other men, and it can either involve the woman alone or sometimes the woman’s husband is also involved in those sexual relationships. Hotwifing is a sexual fantasy.

Where Did The Idea Of Being A HotWife Or Hotwifing Come From?

Wikipedia’s Hotwife Definition

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The idea of ​​Hotwifing comes from the concept of a husband sharing his wife as a “hot wife”, to satisfy her sexual fantasies. Hotwifing or non-monogamous arrangements are related to an adulterous fetish, and many husbands in such a relationship refer to themselves as cuckolds or the wife as hot-wife. It is also known from some surveys that the idea of ​​the hotwife arrangement is inspired by the wife swap. At the same time, there is also some evidence that suggests that some men gave free freedom to their wives for their sexual pleasure outside marriage, and then it later took the form of the Hotwifing system.

The difference between Hotwifing and cheating is consent:

In a hotwife arrangement, the male partner (husband) is fully aware and supportive of his wife’s sexual rendevous, and all this is done with the full consent and cooperation of the husband. It is generally accepted by some that such arrangements result in intense sexual arousal due to the sexuality of the spouse, the thrill of doing something taboo, consensual infidelity by the partner, and the jealousy fetish.

Hotwifing is one of the kinkiest fantasies out there. Because in this only one partner is having sex outside the marriage. However, the most important thing to note is that both the partners are open, agreeable, cooperative, and trusting of each other. And it works only when both the partners (husband and wife) are consenting. Although the truth is also that due to this some negative aspects also arise, and then the hotwife arrangement often breaks down when one partner becomes uncomfortable having a relationship with a another and jealousy forms. Or when one partner feels pressured to participate in Hotwifing arrangements against their will.

What Is The History And Origin Of Hotwifing?

Swinging, in one form or another, has been a part of human history for thousands of years. All the pages of history show that this fantasy used to be popular even in ancient times. However, this appears to be very different from the husband-wife swapping incidents we have today. Formal polyandry, where two or more men share a wife, may have been in practice since the Stone Age. One of which was the word Bull. And the term was, or is, used to refer to the reproduction of young women or mistresses via young, strong, and physically fit, male slaves.

Although the term hotwife is not very old, yes it may have been inspired by polyandry or wife swapping, but Hotwifing came into existence and became popular in the 80s. And this was the period when cuckolding and swinging became extremely popular in the adult video industry. Unfortunately, much is described in articles, books, dictionaries, and other sources about the origins of cuckolding, but Hot-Wife/Hotwifing is not mentioned.

But Hotwifing still existed, but then it used to be anonymous. And since then a label was put on a married man whose wife was having sex with other men. Therefore, it was natural to assign a label to wives who had sex with men other than their husbands. But then it slowly started to take a turn, and it started becoming a kind of sexual fantasy, in which the consent of the husband was also involved. And wives with the consent of their husbands began to sleep and have sex with other men.
The term Hotwifing/hotwife refers to married women who desire to have sex with multiple men outside of their official marriage. It does not mean that the woman does not love her husband, or that she refuses to have sex with her husband. Rather it implies that her sexual libido could be higher than that, and her husband allows her to have sex with other men for this, or simply that both the wife and husband get off on the idea.
And this nameless fetish, starting from the 80s, first found its name in the mid-1990s and that was hotwife. The term Hotwifing began appearing online in the mid-1990s, appearing mostly on message boards for swingers and exhibitions. And then the word spread rapidly in mid and late 1997 in personal ads featuring men (husbands) who wanted to show off their hot wives by further catching up online. And started taking it forward with the name of Hotwifing (Hot Wife). And this word went ahead breaking every dimension of popularity.

What’s The Difference Between Being A Hot Wife And Being A Stag And Vixen Couple?

In a world of quirky sexual fantasies, unique kinks, and satisfying fetishes, a hidden sexual subculture remains at the top, and that’s the world of Hotwifing. Weird human fantasies and sexual fantasies have always been astonishing, and that includes one.

How does Hotwifing differ from other kinky couple definitions?

  • Vixen:A vixen is the female partner (Wife) who seeks men to sleep with infront of or away from their husband (who may be called a stag). A vixen can be a part of a hotwife dynamic, though with a vixen, no humiliation or cuckolding is present at all.
  • Stag: A Stag is the male half of a stag and vixen couple, who relishes in his vixen (wife or patner) having sex with others. No humiliation or cuckolding is present at all.
  • Hotwifing: Hotwifing is generally when a wife has sex with another man with the full consent of her husband, away from her husband in a 1 on 1 situation.

Although all these things are not to be confused with an adulterer.

At the same time, the hotwife (wife) goes alone and faithfully returns to her husband after the sexual encounter, quite often the husband will then “reclaim” his wife.This is done to strengthen their bond and love post the hotwife’s sexual adventure, the wife is faithful to the husband even after having sex with other men (outside marriage).

One thing to note is that the meaning of Hotwifing can be different for different people, and it is completely accepted by the Hotwifing community.

A Bull & Hotwife

How To Incorporate The Theme Of Hotwifing In A Relationship?

Incorporating the weird and wondeful fetish into things related to marriage, relationships, and sexual relationships is a challenge in itself, but things can be easier if both husband and wife agree. And for this, both of them must talk to each other. Conversation and consent is always key. Hotwifing is such a sexual fantasy in which the role of the wife is very important, Therefore, before doing this, both husband and wife should fully prepare themselves mentally.

If the husband pressurizes his wife to join the Hotwifing arrangement, and the wife indulges in it without her consent only under the pressure of the husband, then there can be every possibility of creating tension between the husband and wife and this will not lead to a long and fruitful sexual dynamic.

How To Stay Safe While Hotwifing?

Whenever there is a third person in an intimate (sexual) relationship, the risk automatically increases. That’s why you need to be more careful whilst Hotwifing than when just sleeping exclusivley with your long term partner.

Always pay attention to the following things:
●     Engage A Trusted Partner: Make sure that the third you are engaging with is reliable and trusted. Suppose you are voluntarily getting into bed with a another man, make sure you know they are clean, safe and will follow the rules of your safe words.
●     Set limits: Always set limits and boundaires, and make sure the third person accepts and respects these limit. If you see anything suspicious, uncomfortable, or out of bounds, stop things there, and come out of it. Many times people get involved with you, but after joining they want more than expected, maybe demand anal sex or other things that you don’t want.
●     Take Care Of Safety: Sometimes you will go alone for Hotwifing, use protection and make sure you have a tracker enabled on your phone so that someone can find you. Perhaps arrange a time to call back to your partner to confirm everything is going to plan!
Always Have A Sense Of Respect For Your Hot Wife.
It is true that the wife (woman) and plays the main role. But this happens with the cooperation and consent of the husband, the reasons for this may be different, but somewhere in this role your bliss, and hidden sexual fantasy are also being fulfilled. Yes, you may feel jealous at times, but respect for your wife should not be lost. If you enjoy it then you should show the same respect and trust towards your wife that you always had or before.

Is Hotwifing For Couples?

So the obvious answer is yes. This sexual fantasy is a kinky and intimate pleasure between husband and wife. A wife who, with the consent of her husband, establishes sexual relations with a another man outside the marriage, and this is called Hotwifing. A woman who is single and has sex with different men cannot be called Hotwifing (hot wife). Whereas when husband and wife engage the third man within a marriage to fulfill a particular sexual fantasy, to diversify sex, or to enjoy strange sex, and if a husband voluntarily allows his wife to have sex with a man, the wife also voluntarily does so, then it is outright Hotwifing, when the wife and third partner are away from the husband.

 Are Hotwifing And Cuckolding The Same Thing?

●     Cuckolding is a sexual interest, or sexual fetish, usually in which one partner (a woman) has sex with another man. It can also include aspects of humiliation, jealousy, and embarrassment, including talking about whether the husband is poor in bed, or how small the husbands cock is. In the role of the cuckold is the partner who sees his wife or partner (female/wife) having sex with another man, and his wife enjoying sex with the other man . It is also enjoyed by many married couples, but you do not have to be married for cuckolding, and you can enjoy cuckolding directly. And that third man is sometimes called a bull. In Cuckolding, the man with whom the wife is having sex in front of her partner can play the role of looking more dominant. So the bull, or the other man, maybe more sexually dominant. And the bull is often the guest of honor or someone outside the primary relationship. In this, the bull has sex with a hot wife, which is sometimes rough sex, and the husband trembling in the corner is satisfied to see his wife satisfied. Quite often the hotwife will have the cuckold degraded by having sex infront of them, having them clean up the bulls cum, or by having the cuckold in chastity.

●     Whereas a partner (wife) who has sex with a bull (another man) is often called a Hot-Wife/Hotwifing. Cuckolding focuses on the man, whereas Hotwifing, in contrast, focuses on the wife. Cuckolding consists more of degradation, humiliation, jealousy, and humiliation. Whereas in Hotwifing the couple enjoys different pleasures, and the husband wants to notice how desirable (hot) his wife is, and he takes pride in seeing that. Hotwifing is all about celebrating your wife’s hotness, attractiveness, and sexual excitement and sharing it with others.

●     A Hotwifing (hotwife) may have several other male partners with whom the wife (the woman) sleeps, or has sex, without her husband, but with the knowledge and consent of her husband. For the hotwife, the experience is often one of dominance, pride, veneration, excitement, and power.

●     But for a woman involved in Cuckolding, it can be very exciting and empowering to have a different sexual partner, especially when your man is fully supportiveof your sexual conquests and experiences.

Hotwives in the news

Read a recent article from the daily star on Hotwives

Why Do Women Become Hot Wives?

There are many reasons why women can become hot wives in the game of Hotwifing:

  • It is well known that Hotwifing is not a traditional sexual dynamic, rather it is a kinky sexual fetish like any other fetish, one who joins it to experiment with new sex, or to obtain the pleasure of strange sex.
  • Sometimes there is something missing in the sexual dynamic with the husband and wife and a hotwife lifestyle allows the wife to explore kinks outside of this. You should never try hot wifing with a failing relationship.
  • Many women have an excessive sexual desire that makes them attracted to other men, but she avoids cheating on their husband and then finds a way to become hot wife with the husband’s consent.
  •  Many men display their wife in a very hot and sexy way, this makes them happy, they want to tell people that their wife is very hot, and then he induces their wife to sleep or has sex with a another man, and grants permission, presenting his wife to the other man as the hot wife.

Top 5 Hot Wife (Hotwifing) Safety Tips

Be it any sexual fantasy, especially one that involves an outside partner, safety should be a top priority. And for this, some very important things can be kept in mind. Which are included below:

Engage Trusted Men And Set Limits

For hotwife relationships and sexual fantasy, the hotwife needs to find an alpha male (other man/ third person), one who is sexually driven to satisfy her needs. So always look for the third man from a reputable website, app, or club. This can give you a little more confidence in your safety, as going with a stranger can be a matter of being a little wary.

Also, setting the limits should be included as a priority. If you’re going with a stranger, you probably don’t know his tastes and fetishes, and if he tries to do something different with you after entering the room, you may be uncomfortable, and your happiness may turn into pain. So, when things start, make sure during the conversation what you are going to do, and where you are going to move forward.

Navigating Swinger Websites, Apps, Bars, And Clubs

How do you find the right mate (bull) for your Hotwifing experience?

You usually have two options for Hotwifing: club-bar or online.

  • There are a large number of websites online to allow you to find suitable bulls easily. You just need a little caution. Screening for online meets is accompanied by a credibility verification process of people on paid swinger websites or apps. Yes, we just have to keep in mind that the site and app are genuine and reputable, as are the third parties. Perhaps arrange a coffee beforehand.
  • If you’re headed to a swingers club or bar, that’s great, provided it’s local. Swingers clubs and bars are great and largely safe places to find hot single men. However, just a few precautions need to be taken for a sense of security.
  • First, make sure that your initial meeting is always in a public place, so other people can be around you. Meeting and interacting in public allows you to get to know your potential partner in a somewhat relaxed atmosphere. And if you feel like he doesn’t suit you, or you just won’t be comfortable, it’s easy to leave things there. Also, there is a verification of all people entering the club, which is good in terms of security that your potential partner is reliable.

Use Your Car Instead Of A Potential Companion Or Taxi:

As mentioned above, being aware and prioritizing your safety is the guarantee of your safety.

Using your car so you can be sure you can leave the meeting whenever you want, having your driver around you can seem like the ideal swinger date (Hotwifing), and having someone to protect you is also good, although not always feasible. You are in a better place to leave at any time, even if you are alone. So it would be better if you depend on yourself and use your car in this matter. It is very important to have control over where you are going. If you are not comfortable after leaving, if there is something suspicious, then you have the option and power to leave at any time. And you don’t have to worry about relying on a stranger to get you home.

Plus, if you use your car, you can bring your big teasure trove of aHotwifing Party Bag with you if you need it. Especially for the kinkier sex and satisfying Hotwifing sessions. For example, carry condoms, lube, sex toys, lingerie, and all other essentials in the bag, which will make your sexy session more hot, exciting, and enjoyable.

Also, if you do not find the right place to enjoy Hotwifing, you can get intimate in a car in a secluded place. (See our Dogging Articles)

Decide The Right Place For Your Hotwifing Meeting:

It is very important which place you choose to have sex with a stranger. You don’t have many options for this, and the main options are your home, their location, or even a hotel room in public.

Your home is the safest place to be seen. But most couples prefer to keep their homes personal and are against letting outsiders enter their bedrooms. Yes, some couples are comfortable with this, especially if the bull (the third man) is trustworthy. However, special attention should be paid to whether you have children in your house or not. If there are children, then do not do this work at home, because more than your joy and fun, children have the right path, and safety.

 You can also choose the location of the new partner, but you need to be sure that he is completely safe for you.

In this case, the hotel room can be the safest. Because in case of any mishap or danger, you can get quick help from the hotel.

Although some people find it more exciting to have sex in a public place, they do not shy away from getting intimate in a public place with little risk. In such a situation, with caution, you can get intimate in your car in a secluded place.

Avoid Drugs While Hotwifing, And Keep A Clean And Cool Mind:

Refrain from consuming alcohol or other drugs when going out on a hotwife date with another man (stranger/new partner). Because you need to be aware. If you consume more drugs then you may lose control of your mind, and in such a situation someone can force you, may misuse you, or may try to take undue advantage. On the other hand, when you are fully conscious, you can better evaluate your new friend to determine that they are not a threat to you, and you will have a better meeting with them.

Plus, you’ll be able to be very clear about your expectations and boundaries with your new friend. And you’ll know to what extent there is sexual attraction between you and your new partner, and whether you are both in the same scenario.

Having a healthy mind will allow you to better share your fantasies and fantasies with your new partner, and better accomplish what you’re Hotwifing for.

So yes, being proactive and careful about your safety doesn’t make you boring, or your enjoyment of sexual fantasies and your sex going to get less hot. You should note that the greatest pleasure is controlling your safety. Because if you can’t be safe you can’t be sexy and hot. If you are safe then you better be a hotwife.

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