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Some helpful Swingers Club etiquette & rules for your first time at a Swingers Clubs

Some helpful Swingers Club etiquette & rules for your first time at a Swingers Clubs

Below is a quick and easy list of some simple rules and some key Swingers Club Etiquette to follow when attending your first Swingers Party.

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Cleanliness and Swingers Clubs

Always arrive to any kind of swinging party, event or date clean. This means wash, use some

Perfume or aftershave, shave and dress to impress. If you don’t, expect to be leaving any event or date very quickly. Most venues will provide showering facilities.

Timeliness and Swingers Clubs

Always be on time. Events often have strict entry deadlines, if you are late, you will not be let in, even if you have purchased a ticket.

Consent and Swingers Clubs

This is always the most important aspect of swinging. No means no. If someone does not give you permission to play, you do not have permission to play. If you do not ask, you do not have consent. If you do not have consent, it is rape, you will most likely be kicked out of any event and potentially be reported to the police. Remember, everyone is there to be sexy and have fun, so just ask!

Courtesy and Swingers Clubs

Similar to consent, you should always be courteous. If you can see someone is “busy”, do not interrupt them, let them finish then ask to join. Always ask before “trying something new”, just because someone is having sex with you, it does not mean they want to kiss you, give it revive oral or anal, so always ask.
Never be pushy, you will get told no and quite quickly develop a reputation which will cut you out of organised group events.

Experimenting and Swingers Clubs

The brilliance of swinging is that you can find others to yourself with a similar “openness” with similar “kinks” to play with.
With studies suggesting that over 60% of women under 40 do not identify as straight, it is easy to see why so many people use swinging as a way to experiment with their sexuality.

Female bisexuality and Male bisexuality has become more accepted and mainstream since the 60s and 70s. Often swinging is used by those with bi-sexual tendencies or experiment and learn more about their sexual needs and fantasies.

Friendliness and Swingers Clubs

Half of swinging is about the sex and the other half is about be social with a similar and like minded set of people. Always take the time to talk at events, chat online and get to know each other.

Invitations and Swingers Clubs

If you receive an invitation to an event, if you cannot make it, give the host the courtesy of a quick reply to let them know. If you can, make sure you say thank you and I’m most cases, bring your own drinks. Just because someone is organising an event, it does not mean they will feed you and provide drinks. It is always courteous to thank the host or organiser, that way you will be invited to the next event!

Saftey and Swingers Clubs

Always, always, always practice safe sex! Wear a condom and make sure you have no unwanted infections. It is your responsibility to make sure you are taking part in safe sex. Remember “stealthing” is not safe sex, without permission it is always illegal.

Don’t be a voyeur or cruiser and Swingers Clubs

Some clubs and events allow you to go and “watch”, but certain rooms and scenarios are on for this taking part. Do not go into the group room, sit on a bed and start chatting, this room is for group sex. Chatting is for the bar, beds are for naughtiness 😉

What to wear and Swingers Clubs

Always dress to impress even if you intend on shedding all of the clothes in a couple of hours.
Always make an effort on themed nights at clubs and parties! Even if you can afford to spend hundreds of dollars or pounds on a luxurious outfit, a simple set of sexy underwear will be appreciated.
Tea coloured boxers and briefs are not acceptable and they are not attractive.

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