The swinging lifestyle is full of a plethora of types of adult parties, each fulfilling their own nice, their definitions used by those who use swingers websites, apps and swingers lifestyle clubs and alike. Here we have created a master list of all of the commonly used swingers party types and their definitions, along with a few you may not have heard of or used before!

Remember, these terms are sometimes used differently by different swingers around the world, so if you have a different interpretation, please let us know and we will add it for you.

This is a general guide for swingers parties and their definitions.

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Carry on reading for our glossary of swinging terms and their definitions.

BDSM PARTY: What is a BDSM Party?

A BDSM part is a fetish lifestyle party, where the participants go to take part and socialise with those who enjoy and partake in the BDSM lifestyle. These BDSM parties often have rules such as no fluid swapping, which means they are not suitable for swinging.

BI PARTY: What is a Bi Party?

A Bi Party is a swingers lifestyle party where all participants, male and female are either bisexual or bicurious. At these parties there will be girl on girl and man on man sex. These parties are only for those who are either bisexual or burious.

BLOW BANG PARTY: What is a Blow Bang Party?

A Blow Bang party is an swingers party similar to that of a gangbang, but instead of sexual intercourse, the recipient (male or female) gives oral sex to the male partcipants and they cum (ejaculate) over the recipient. A BlowBang party can often lead to Bukkake or Gokun.

BUKKAKE PARTY: What is a Bukkake Party?

A bukkake party is a swingers lifestyle party where multiple men cum/ejaculate over a woman’s face or body. This niche has become more popular in recent years, with a lot of clubs ofering bukkake play areas. Cum play is a common kink, along with Bukkake , there are other variants such as Gokun, whereby the cum is easten/drank after.

CUCKOLD PARTY: What is a Cuckold Party?

A cockcold part is a swingers lifestyle part whereby couples involved in the cuckolding lifestyle come along for the female to meet other men and couples. The cuckold is normally not active, watching while the female has sex with other people. A vairant of this is a Cuckquean Party whereby the cuckold is the female and the male has sex with others, whilst the female watches.

CMNF PARTY: What is a CMNF Party?

A CMNF (Clothed Male Naked Female) Party is a swingers lifestyle party whereby all females are nude and men are dressed, normally in a suit or formal attire.

CFNM PARTY: What is a CFNM Party?

A CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male) Party is a swingers lifestyle party whereby all males are nude and females are dressed, normally in a formal dress or attire.

FEMDOM PARTY: What is a Femdon Party?

A Femdom party is a fetish and swinging lifestyle party where submissive (submissives) men go to be dominated by dominant females (Dominatrixes). This can be both a fetish party and a swinging party. In terms of a swinging party, there can quite often be strapon, cuckold and forced-bi (consensual) play.

GANGBANG: What is a GangBang Party?

A gangbang party is a swingers lifestyle party where multiple men have sexual intercourse with a women. There is normally a much higher ratio of men to women at a gangbang party, at least 4 men for every woman.

HOT WIFE PARTY: What is a Hot Wife Party?

A hotwife party is a swingers lifestyle party whereby couples involved in the hotwife lifestyle come along for the wife to meet other men (aka stags or bulls). There is normally a higher ratio of men to women at these parties.

KINK / FETISH PARTY: What is a Kink or Fetish Party?

A kink or Fetish Party is a swingers lifestyle or fetish party where the participants are of a more kink or fetish orientated persuassion, rather than swinging. Although swinging does take place, there will be other activities taking place such as BDSM.

LIFESTYLE PARTY: What is a Lifestyle Party?

A lifestyle party is a party for those within the swingers lifestyle. This is not necessarily a swinging/sexual party, often these take the forms of social gatherings to meet and greet, get to know others within the scene. Sometime these are followed on by Afterparties (Private Parties) with a more sexual nature.

ORGY: What is an Orgy?

An ORGY is where multiple men and women, or a group of people of the same sex have group sex together. This is often a “free for all” with consent. There is indescriminate sexual activity between participants in the same area or room.

PRIVATE PARTY: What is a Private party?

A Private Party is a swingers lifestyle party held at a private residence or hotel. These are normally invite only and are not run under a formal event or club name. Often these kinds of parties are between friends, or with people from the same local scene.

RAINBOW PARTY: What is a Rainbow Party?

A Rainbow Party is a swingers lifestyle party and it is a potentially mythical party whereby men are lined up, multiple women wear different coloured lipsticks and they take turns giving the men blowjobs. The rainbow name comes from the multicoloured lipstick marks along the guy’s penises.

REVERSE GANGBANG PARTY: What is a Reverse GangBang Party?

A reverse gangbang party is a swingers lifestyle party where multiple women have sexual intercourse with a man. There is normally a much higher ratio of women to men at a gangbang party, at least 4 women for every man. These are less common than standard gangbang parties.

STRAPON PARTY: What is a Strapon Party?

A Strapon Party is a swingers lifestyle party whereby men and women go along to be fucked with a strapon. Normally the wearer of the strapon is a female. These parties are becoming more common as the use of strapons becomes more accepted within hetrosexual relationships.

SWINGERS PARTY: What is a Swingers Party?

A swingers party is the generic term for a part for swingers at a swingers or lifestyle club or event. These can be any of the type of parties on these page. There is no expectation for you to be ionvolved in sexual activity, but there is a very high chance of others partaking.

WAM PARTY: What is a WAM Party?

A WAM (Wet & Messy) Party is a swingers lifestyle and fetish party where the partcipants partake in messy play, this could be oil and jelly wrestling, pie play or other messy play and dunk tanks. Naked food fights are common at these parties. These parties are more niche and usually occur as a part of a swinging fetish party.