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Why you need to try a GloryHole (Czech Female Gloryholes too)

Why you need to try a GloryHole (Czech Female Gloryholes too)
What is a Gloryhole?

A Gloryhole is a small circular hole cut into a wall or door through which a man can put through his cock and a woman or a man on the otherside can annoymously orally or via hands, pleasure the penis. It is possible to fuck in a gloryhole, if the woman or man can line their derrier up with the height of the hole.

What is the allure of a Gloryhole Fantasy?

Glory holes take your mind to all the wrong and right places at the same time. Typically, it is a hole in a wall, somewhere random in public or in a swingers, sauna, sex shop or fetish club. The idea is to achieve a physical barrier between two individuals, hindering their ability to visualize one another, whilst allowing one participant to sexually / orally service the other annonymously. Although it’s typically in a semi-public place, most commonly bathroom stalls and gay saunas; it can be found in other areas too such as Swingers and Fetish clubs. These are widely famous in Europe and the USA where many sex shops have glory holes for their customers, also in America where lots of sex shops have video cubicles, often with gloryholes between the cubicles.

Do you have Czech Female Gloryhole Sex Fantasies?

Female Czech glory holes are a hot topic on many porn sites in recent months. The purpose of a czech glory gole is for strangers to engage in penatrtative sex with another person annonymously. With a Female czech glory hole, normally a female lays on her back with her legs and waist through the hole, her legs in stirrups, whilst she allows a male to penetrate her. Most commonly with a standard gloryhole, on one side, the penis is inserted in the hole. In contrast, on the other side, the recipient uses their mouth, their han to interact for intercourse with the penis’s owner, according to their liking. It is always recomendedto practive safe sex whilst visiting a gloryhole

Gloryholes at questswingersclub.co.uk

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Why are Gloryholes so popular?

The popularity of glory hole is due to the annonymity it offers both the giver and reciever, with gender, sex, size, weight or sexuality playing no part. Any male can go to a gloryhole and recieve a BJ, however, they may not know what gender is on the other side of the wall, that could be quite a sexy thrill! Although this concept is more prevalent in the gay culture, straight people tend to enjoy having faceless sex as well. It gives them the pleasure that they long for, coupled with no strings attached. It is a perfect arrangement for those who enjoy the thrill of annoymous sex. The partition maintains anonymity and a sense of reassurance that the involved individuals will not be identified and possibly arrested. Often it is common for bi-curious men to use a gloryhole as they can suck cock, without anyone knowing it was them inside.

Are Gloryholes safe?

Gloryholes, like any other sexual practive are safe as long as precautions are taken. We would always recommend you use protection when visiting a gloryhole. Preferably a physicaly barrier, such as a condom or oral dam.

Gloryholes and anonymity

Gloryholes are pretty popular in pornographic films and erotic literature. They are perfect for people who are inquisitive and are willing to try new things are up for a kinky adventure. The experience is somewhat the same as that of a blind date or a one-night stand. A person with whom you most probably will never cross paths in the future. And it is this part that people find most fascinating. Gloryholes seem like a crazy idea, but many people have it on their sexual fantasy bucket list. Trying it allows them to live it as a reality that is a million times more fun than a forever fantasy.

Male GloryHoles

Gloryholes for the bicurious

Since you cannot see the other person, the performance anxiety is a lot less than having a usual face-to-face experience. You can be yourself while engaging in any activity and without the constant pressure and fear of doing good while looking good simultaneously. A person feels more confident this way and does whatever he/she feels like. It caters to many insecurities people have while having sex, like the way they look, the way they moan, or the weird cum faces they might have. With the judgment removed, the experience becomes more comfortable and enjoyable. This also becomes a learning process in the path of a person trying to discover their sexuality. You won’t know if it is a man or a woman sucking your cock on the other side of the wall. Equally, if you anonymously want to try sucking cock, a gloryhole is a perfectly private way to start.

Where can i find a Gloryhole?

Onlyswinging.com has hundreds of swingers and fetish clubs across the world that gloryholes and gloryhole walls. Most fetish and swingers clubs will have gloryholes.

Gloryholes and covid-19 in 2022

With the ongoing Covid situations, people have isolated themselves at home and have almost little to no sex. Amusingly, some disease control centers have given some good precautionary recommendations. They suggested having barriers like a glory hole that would allow people to have sex but prevent the face to face contact, thus, minimizing the risk of exposure to the virus. So not only is it an exhilarating experience, but also pandemic friendly.

Why try sex in a Czech Gloryhole?

Czech Glory Holes do come with additional associated risks, just like all other kinky adventures, but they should not be looked down upon just like that. They are great for people wanting to try some spicy stuff are up for a crazy adrenaline rush. It may not be the thing for everyone, but one only has to try to find out. That one time may turn out to be one of the best times of their life, and good sex, my dear reader, has never wronged anyone anyway. Czech Gloryholes allow men and women to have anonymous sex, where the man or women in the gloryhole is laid down with their ankles in stirrups, their ass and or pussy are open to the participants, but a board comes down over their tummy, meaning the “fuckee” cannot see the “fucker” and vice a versa.

Image courtesey of Townhouse swingers club in Wirral

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  1. I’ve experienced glory holes with my dates at swinger clubs in Holland and France but I’m really curious about the ones in Prague where single men can go. I’ve visited Prague but never such places. Any idea where they are ?

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