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The Freeuse Sex Kink! The Ultimate Free use Sex Fantasy Fetish Guide for 2023

The Freeuse Sex Kink! The Ultimate Free use Sex Fantasy Fetish Guide for 2023
What is Free use Sex?

Freeuse sex is a sexual practive and kink whereby the freeuse participant is free to use for sexual pleasure and gratification for one or more people. It is possible to be freeuse within a relationship, with multiple sexual partners or more in general, such as at a sex party or at a specific swingers event.

An introduction to what being Freeuse is!

The term Freeuse in its self is pretty self explanatory, the person either male or female (or anywhere on the gender spectrum!) who wishes to be freeuse is allowing unrestricted and unconditional access for sexual pleasure, within any given limits or rules.

It is more common as a kink for freeuse to be practiced between a consenting couple dynamic, whereby one partner gives the other the ability to use them or fuck them at any time to relieve their sexual needs. For example in a male / female couple a female could be freeuse for the male to fuck her at any time, depending on the recipients specific kinks, this could include being used whilst they are asleep, when they are in public or in other compromising locations.

It can be that both partners in a relationship are freeuse and can interchangeably practice freeuse, whereby neither is in a submissive or dominant role.

It is of course important to set limits to work within, if either the freeuse partner or the fucker has limits, these must be adhered to. Freeuse is the ability to fuck or have sexual relief at anytime, it is not the removal of all limits. For example, because a partner is freeuse within a relationship or dynamic, it does not mean they are freeuse outside of the relationship.

It’s important to note there are two keys variants of freeuse sex, the first relates to BDSM and Kink this is where normally a submissive female is effectively the sex slave of the dominant male. However, we would suggest this is not the majority of freeuse relationships, most freeuse relationships based on reading posts on the ever popular /freeuse reddit blog are focused around 1 or both partners in a relationship being able to gain sexual relief without the the conversation , planning and rigmarole that often goes with sex in longer term relationships. With free use there is no need for a warmup, no need for foreplay, you can get straight down to it, lube up and fuck. Depending on your specific dynamic and agreement it maybe a pump and dump arrangement at anytime or it maybe a time specific arrangement.

A great article on Freeuse by Melmagazine!

Types of freeuse Agreements

Freeuse in a relationship

This is the most common freeuse arrangement, where a partner (normally the male) can initiate and demand sexual gratification, this can be a 24/7 rule or perhaps there is a weekends on free use dynamic, or after work free use dynamic. Quite a popular variant of the free use dyamic is to be fucked whilst they are asleep, or perhaps the female free use participant is fucked whilst cleaning or making dinner (not to play on stereotypes too much here).

Two way Freeuse in a relationship

Freeuse can be a two way dynamic where both partners agree to allow for each other to use each other for sexual gratification and relief at any point. There is no submissive or dominant dynamic here, if you want sex, if you are horny, you take it.

Freeuse in an open relationship

Freeuse in a non-monogamous relationship is similar to freeuse within a monogamous relationship, expect for that the person who is deemed freeuse is accessed and availble to more than 1 partner, with whom they are in a emotional and or sexual relationship with.

Freeuse for multiple partners

Freeuse for multiple partners is different than with an open relationship, for multiple partners, it does not define that all participants are in an active relationship. It would be more common that a freeuse participant is used by multiple people, for example in a house sharing sitiation (as a common fantasy as seen on Reddit /Freeuse). This starts to blur the lines between freeuse and implied freeuse in exchange for not having to pay rent for example.

Freeuse for all

A freeuse for all arrangement is the most extreme variant of the freeuse kink, this being whereby anyone aware of the revievers Kink are able to use them for sexual gratification, with the specified limits. This is as far as we can see the less common variant, although frequently fantasised about variant in pornography. For example there maybe a keyword, which when agreed upon or shared can be used to allow for consenting free use play, for example at a party or with friends.

Freeuse for a specific event

More common than a free for all freeuse arrangement is to be freeuse at an event. Within the BDSM, Kinky and swingers communities there are events and parties that cater for those practicing freeuse kinks. For example a freeuse female may want to have a freeuse gangbang whereby any visitor to that specific swingers party or club that evening is free to safely use her (always use condoms when having sex with others outside of your relationship).

More recently there are czech gloryholes that blur the line between anonymous sex and freeuse, whereby visitors to a swingers club can anonymously fuck the fuckee within the czech gloryhole, using them like an anonymous sex doll.

Theres are freeuse parties at clubs where women can opt-in to be free use within certain timeframes for the participants. There is normally a way of determining the persons free use limits, for example, do they allow anal.

R/Freeuse on Reddit
Probably the best Freeuse source online

*Image fromFreeusefantasy.com (Porn)

How to get started with being Freeuse

The first question to ask yourself is whom you want to be freeuse for, after that, start thinking about what exactly you want your freeuse dynamic to entail, do you want to be freeuse during evening hours after work and before bed, or are you fantasising about being freeuse anytime and anywhere? Being freeuse whilst having a cuddle watching Netflix is a very different scenario than being fucked infront of a group of others at say a poker evening with your partner.

Is Freeuse sex consensual?

Yes! Freeuse sex is always consensual. Sex without consent is rape. By becoming freeuse you set boundaries and limits from which your freeuse dynamic must operate. Whilst Freeuse sex allows theoretically unlimited sex within you defined sexual dynamic, it is also important to note that this consent can be removed at any time, this must always be respected.

How to discuss Freeuse with your partner

Let’s approach this from both sides, from a person who is interested in being freeuse and from a person who wants their partner to be freeuse for them. In both instances the most important factor is honesty, be honest with why you want to try freeuse, why it appeals, why it turns you on and how you imagine it working in real life, not just on a story on a reddit board. Freeuse will not be for everyone. If you want to be freeuse for your partner, it is unlikley to cause any problems in theory, however, you must explain how often you fantasise about being taken, because you will probably get pretty bored if all they do is try and initiate sex whilst watching netflix, instead of interupting you and fucking you mid phonecall.

How to trial being freeuse

Is being freeuse within your dynamic really going to be sustainable, perhaps one partner is more keen than the other? We would advise you start off by trialing the dynamic for maybe a weekend away or a week at home, see how much it inteferes with you other commitments. Of course if you have children, work, family or stuy commitments then these will undoubedly overlap with your freeuse agreement and you will have to tweak your rules to suit.

How to set your Freeuse boundaries

Boundaries and limits are an important part of any kink dynamic or relationship. Below we set out some important topics to consider when setting your boundaries.

When will I be Freeuse?

Define a time period for which you will be free use, is this a weekends only thing? Event of party specific? Is it truly a 24/7 dyamic? Set your rules and develop them over time.

Where will I be Freeuse?

Will you be freeuse just at home? at a swingers club? on holiday in a hotel? Or are you freeuse whenever and wherever?

Who am I Freeuse for?

Is this freeuse dynamic between you and your partner? multiple partners? friends? Housemates? or an open book for anyone introduced to the dynamic by either party?

What types of sex are within our freeuse agreement?

True freeuse would be “any hole is a goal”, however, rules and limits should be in place, you should never be forced to do something that you are not comfortable with. If you don’t want anal, set it as a limit, if you want condoms worn, that gets set as a limit.

What are our freeuse safewords?

As with any kink, it is best practice to set a safeword or multiple safewords. A safeword should imidiately stop the dynamic. Some people operate multiple safewords as a way of grading the situation, for example green is all is “a ok”, amber is i am not enjoying this particular activity, stop and move on, Red is stop now, this ends the scene and dynamic.

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