In the swinging lifetsytle there are people of all walks of life, sexualities and genders, these are used by those who use swingers websites, apps and swingers lifestyle clubs and alike. Here we have created a master list of all of the commonly used LGBTQ+, definitions, abbreviations and acronyms, along with a few you may not have heard of or used before!

Remember, these defintions, abbreviations and acronyms are sometimes used differently by different swingers around the world, so if you have a different interpretation, please let us know and we will add it for you.

This is a general guide for LGBTQ+ abbreviations, definitions and terms. .

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Carry on reading for our glossary of LGBTQ+ terms, abbreviations and their acronyms.

ACE: What does ACE stand for?

ACE is a acronym for ASEXUAL. A person who is ASEXUAL has little to no sexual attraction to others. Their feeling of sexual attraction are largley absent. An ASEXUAL person may still engage in sexual interaction within a romantic relationship, but they are still not sexual attracted to their partner.

ALLY: What does being an ALLY mean?

An ALLY is a person who is a member of the dominant group of the population who assists and supports in advocating those in the minirity of the population.

AGENDER: What does agender mean?

A person who identifies as AGENDER is a person who does identify as having a specific gender.

AROMANTIC: What does aromantic mean?

A person who identifies as AROMANTIC has no desire or want for a romantic relationship, with any person of any sexuality or gender.

AUTOROMANTIC: What does autoromantic mean?

A person who identifies as AUTOROMANTIC is a person who is romantically attracted to themselves.

BIPHOBIA: What does biphobia mean?

A person who has BIPHOBIA has an adversity or distaste to those who are or those who identify as bisexual.

BISEXUAL: What does bisexual mean?

A person who is BI-SEXUAL is a person who is sexually attracted to both men and women. As opposed to a BI-CURIOUS person, a BI-SEXUAL person is someone who has experience sexual activity with both a male and a female.

BI GENDER: What does bigender mean?

A person who identifies as BI-GENDER associates themselves with two genders.

BIROMANTIC: What does airomantic mean?

A person who identifies as BIROMANTIC is romantically attracted to 2 or more genders.

BUTCH: What does butch mean?

A person who is butch has a masuciline apperance along with other masuline traits.

CIS GENDER: What does CIS gender mean?

A person who is CIS GENDERED has a personality and gender matching the biological birth sex.

CLOSETED: What does closeted mean?

A person who is CLOSETED is a pesson who has yet to reveal or disclose their sexual or gender identity.

COMING OUT: What does coming out mean?

To COME OUTt means to reveal your sexual or gender idetity, differing from that which people believe you identify as.

CUPIOSEXUAL: What does cupiosexual mean?

A person who identifies as CUPIOSEXUAL wants a sexual relationship, but who does not experience sexual attraction.

DEMIROMANTIC: What does demiromantic mean?

A person who identifies as DEMIROMANTIC only has romantic feelings for another person once they have created a deep emotional attachment to them.

FEMME: What does femme mean?

A person who is FEMME has typical female physical and personality traits and characteristics.

FLUID: What does fluid mean?

A person who is fluid has a changing sexual or gender identity over time. Someone can be sexually or gender fluid.

GAY: What does being gay mean?

A person who is GAY is a male whom is explicitly sexually attracted to other men. Sometimes LESBIAN women are refred to as GAY women.

GENDER FLUID: What does gender fluid mean?

A person who is GENDER FLUID has a changing gender identity over time.

GENDER QUEER: What does gender queer mean?

A person who is GENDER QUEER does not subscribe to the standard ideology of either a male or female, instead they identify as having a combination of the male and female genders.

GENDER VARIANT: What does gender variant mean?

A person who is GENDER VARIANT cannot or chooses not to conform to the ideology and norms associated with their physical or biological sex.

GRAYSEXUAL: What does graysexual mean?

A person who is GRAYSEXUAL is a person who is somewhere between being SEXUAL and ASEXUAL, they sometimes have sexual feelings or attractions, but generally do not.

GRAYROMANTIC: What does grayromanticmean?

A person who is GRAYROMANTIC is a person who is somewhere between being ROMANTIC and AROMANTIC, they sometimes have romantic feelings for others, but generally do not.

GYNESEXUAL: What does gynesexual mean?

A person who identifies as GYNESEXUAL experiences sexual attraction towards women, females, femininty or those with female physical traits.

INTERSEX: What does intersex mean?

A person who is INTERSEX is someone who is born with reproductive or sexual anatomy that does not fit the boxes of male or female. An INTERSEX person has variations in their reproductive anatomy.

LESBIAN: What does lesbian mean?

A person who is LESBIAN is a female who is explicitly sexually attracted to women.

LESOPHOBIA: What does lesophobia mean?

LESOPHOBIA is the negativity or distates for those who identify as lesbian.

LGBTQIA+: What does LGBTQIA+ mean?

The LGBTQIA+ acronym stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Asexual and their allies (+)

LIBIDOIST ASEXUAL: What does libidoist asexual mean?

A person who is LIBIDOIST ASEXUAL is asexual, but experiences sexual feelings that can be satusfied through masturbation and self-stimulation.

MONOSEXUAL: What does monosexual mean?

A person who is MONOSEXUAL is romantically or sexually attracted to a singlular gender.

NON-LIBIDOIST ASEXUAL: What does non-libidoist asexual mean?

A NON-LIBIDOIST ASEXUAL is a person who doesn’t experience any sexual feelings and equally does not have an active sex drive.

NON-BINARY: What does non-binary mean?

A person who identifies as NON-BINARY does not identify as the gender that theu were assigned with as birth, infact they do not identify with a male or female gender at all.

ORIENTATION: What does orientation mean?

A person’s ORIENTATION is their indetity in relation to the gender or genders to which they are sexually and romantically attracted.

OUTED: What does outed mean?

To be OUTED is to have a persons sexual identity or gender identiy revealed, without their consent.

OMNISEXUAL: What does omnisexual mean?

A person who identifes as OMNISEXUAL is attracted to all genders of all sexual origentations.

PANGENDER: What does pangender mean?

A person who identifies as PANGENDER is someone who believes or feels that they cannot be labeled as a male or female gender.Essentially it means “all genders”.

PANROMANTIC: What does paromantic mean?

A person who identifies as PANROMANTIC is someone who is romantically attracted people of all genders.

PASSING: What does passing mean?

Passing is the ability of a person to be regarded or included in a group or category in relation to sexuality, gender, race or regligion which is different to their own.

POLYSEXUAL: What does polysexual mean?

A person who identifies as POLYSEXUAL is a person who is attracted to multiple genders.

POMOSEXUAL: What does pomosexual mean?

A person who identifies as POMOSEXUAL is a person who denies or does not fit any pre existing lables for a particular type of sexual attraction.

PRONOUN: What does pronoun mean?

A PRONOUN in relation to gender is a word that takes the place of a noun such as he, she, it, they or someone.

QUEER: What does queer mean?

A person who identifies as QUEER is someone who identifies as a gender or sexuality other than CIS GENDER or HETROSEXUAL.

QUESTIONING: What does questioning mean?

A person who is questioning is currently questioning who they believe to be their sexuality or gender.

SEX-ADVERSE: What does sex-adverse mean?

A person who identifies as SEX-ADVERSE is a person who does not enjoy or partake in SEXUAL INTERCOURSE.

SEX-FAVOURABLE: What does sex-favourable mean?

A person who identifies as SEX-FAVOURBALE is a person who positivley enjoys in partaking in SEXUAL INTERCOURSE.

SEX-INDIFFERENT: What does sex-indifferent mean?

A person who identifies as SEX-INDIFFERENT is a person who is neither positive nor negative towards SEXUAL INTERCOURSE.

SKOLIOSEXUAL: What does skoliosexual mean?

A person who is SKOLIOSEXUAL is a person who is sexually attracted to those who are NON-BINARY or TRANSGENDER.

SPECTRASEXUAL: What does spectrasexual mean?

A person who identifies as SPECTRASEXUAL is attracted to multiple genders but not all genders.

TRANSGENDER: What does transgender mean?

A person who is TRANSGENDER whos personal identity and gender does not match that of their birth sex.

TRANSEXUAL: What does transexual mean?

A person who is TRANSEXUAL is a person whos physical charachteristics have been altered through surgery of hormone tratements to align them with their gender identity.

TRANSPHOBIA: What does transphobia mean?

TRANSPHOBIA is the prejudice or dislike of TRANSEXUAL people.

TWO SPIRIT: What does two spirit mean?

A person who identifies as TWO SPIRIT is a person whose gender match that of a third gender often found in several native american cultires.