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Partners are located in a very quiet and safe area of residential Bury. Our discreet entrance and reception are housed in a relaxing and secure building.

Features spa/wet area with sunbed, showers, jacuzzi, sauna and plunge pool. Feature rooms upstairs include couples-only rooms with viewing galleries, private cubicles, orgy rooms, mirror rooms, the maze, and other private lockable rooms.
Promenade lounge with pool table, lounge bar, and large fully equipped dungeon area.


First, what does “swinging” actually mean? Well, it’s not the same as swapping because lots of swingers (both men and women) are single, and therefore have no one to swap.

A good definition might perhaps be “recreational sex”. Swingers are NOT “perverts” and despise sex crime with probably even more passion than the
rest of the population.

There are all kinds of swingers, indulging in all kinds of different
activities. It’s also fair to say that all swingers tolerate all others’
pleasures, even if they don’t share them (or quietly disapprove of them).

The Swingers World is a friendly, tolerant world


There are people who like parties
There are “full-swaps” between couples (which can be in the same room, or indifferent rooms, or even at separate times)
There are couples where one, or both partners are bisexual
There are “soft swingers” who draw the line
at a bit of fondling, or even just flirtation

There are couples who only meet singles, male or female
There are exhibitionists, who enjoy an audience
There are fetishists, who like particular clothing, or spanking, or whatever
There are people who enjoy sex with anonymous total strangers

There are people who enjoy the social aspects, making new friends: sex first, friendship afterwards. It happens a lot!

Many people call themselves swingers but are actually voyeurs who don’t
actually swing at all.. They just like the lifestyle, or perhaps enjoy watching.

In summary, swinging is for (mostly) heterosexual people who enjoy sex for
its own sake, as opposed to purely within one relationship. Sex is a hobby.


A few important things:

1. Firstly, no one should swing unless they really want to.
2. No one should EVER go into it if they are at all uncertain of their own
wishes, or of the strength of their emotional relationship with their partner.
3. Swinging can (and often does) strengthen couples’ attachment to one
another. But equally, it can – and does – wreck relationships. If you can’t discuss it openly between yourselves – or if one partner keeps bringing it up – you almost certainly shouldn’t go there.
4. The women are ALWAYS in charge of any situation. No one ever gets bullied or pushed, and all-male swingers will protect them against unwelcome advances
5. No ALWAYS MEANS NO. Swinging is about freedom, not about obedience (unless you like that sort of thing!)


If you have children always try and swing when they are not around whenever possible, even if that means going to a hotel for the night or a swingers club for a few hours, but if the above is not possible, NEVER do anything sexual in whatever form it may be where they could see or hear this happen.

Children are very fickle and seeing or hearing their mother or father with someone else could confuse them, plus they shouldn’t be seeing or hearing such things in the first place, give them the respect that they deserve, plus no matter how well you know the people you are swinging with how far would you trust them in this day and age.

Safe sex… All swingers say they always practise it, but in reality, most
probably don’t. So there is always some kind of health risk, however careful
you are (condoms are no protection against crabs, for instance).

It is for you to make your own judgement. But no one will ever complain if you choose to be super-careful. And


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