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5 Reasons Why You Should Get Naked and try Exhibitionism

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Naked and try Exhibitionism

Have you every fancied fucking in public? Streaking through some fields or skinny dipping in a cool pool or the sea?

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Sex and sexuality are not just two sides of a coin, rather it is a broad spectrum of arrayed colors, filled with exciting kinky possibilities, such as exhibitionism. As humans, we tend to get creative, daring and artistic in whatever we do and sex should never be an exception. There are a lot of fun and exciting kinks and fetishes you could explore with sex and sexuality. As long as you are sexually active, your body and mind tend to desire more than just basic sex. You tend to develop fetishes and want to try newer things.

What is Exhibitionism?

One of such fetish is Exhibitionism. Exhibitionism is the act of getting aroused and thrilled by the thought of being seen or caught in sexual instances, namely some form of nudity. It could be that you enjoy people watching you masturbate, streaking through a field, flashing people or watch you getting slurped under a cover cloth. Exhibitionism could be a quick one in a bus or a theme park. It could also be just touching each other in the midst of strangers. But remember, there are boundaries as it is not everyone that is comfortable with this act. You wouldn’t want to infringe on a person’s right just because you want exercise your own rights too.

Why try exhibitionism?

By definition, exhibitionism may sound uncultured and inappropriate, but there is more to it than just the subtle definitions to it. Here are five reasons why yoshould explore your fantasy of exhibitionism:

Exhibitionism boost your self esteem

Exhibitionism is a daring act, an act for the bold, it’s not for the feint hearted. When you start to engage in consensual exhibitionism, you tend to start getting bolder. You have taken the most sacred act and have gone on to show that there is absolutely nothing wrong in expressing it.

Exhibitionism increases your body positivity

Studies have shown that a large number of people actually loath their bodies and would rather cover it up. You should be proud of your body regardless of what people say. In the worst case, you get to work out and then show your achievements through exhibitionism. Yes, that’s right, show them what you got. Usually, the most beautiful of all are the ones affected with this, “you are too fat”, meanwhile they just really hate the fact that your racks are full and round, “you are too thin”, when that is exactly what they wish for. So, get that body and show it off! You’re sexy.

Exhibitionism spices things up

There is a point in time in relationships that one tends to start getting bored and this is very unhealthy for the couples. Considering a little “spice” in your relationship isn’t a bad idea and it’s proven to help rekindle worn out relationships. You can get creative with your partner and try out a little thrilling public kiss and embrace then settling into having sex in that secluded spot on the beach, yes, the one you have been eyeing when you take those walks. It can even be romantic, a beach walk in the sunset after you have both explored the realm of thrilling sex.

Exhibitionism improves intamacy

Sometimes, the key to regaining a lost libido and sex drive could stem from a psychology in you. Exhibitionism could help lift this barrier of weakened libido. Some people can only get off when they know they are being watched, it’s just that way for them. They need the thrill of almost getting caught. They are daring and dashing.

Exhibitionism can give your libido a kick

A new level of intimacy can be born from sharing a fetish with your partner. When you engage in a fetish with someone, it is sort of like a secret you both share. You can enjoy side jokes that only the two of you share, relate more sexually and be more open and confident with each other. When you are among others, friends, family and even colleagues, there is this sense of trust and rightful belonging that is present in between you two.
In conclusion, exhibitionism is a nice way to improve on yourself and your relationship with your partner, or simply devloping your kinks on your own and therefore your own sexual understanding. It is most often the best and preferred way of beginning and settling into fetishes.
The whole mechanics of exhibitionism is bringing the intimacy that is supposed to be private and hidden into the outside world, the general public. Its bringing two different and contrasting things and merging it into one. It’s like fire and ice, coming together to burn.

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