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Czech GloryHoles: The New Experience For Swinging Women

Czech GloryHoles: The New Experience For Swinging Women
What is a Czech Gloryhole?

A Czech gloryhole is a variant of a traditional gloryhole that allows a recipient to annonymously be penetrated either vaginally or anally by anonymous kinksters.

As kink becomes more mainstream, variants on traditional ideas such as Gloryholes have been expanded upon! Now we welcome the Czech Gloryhole, made fanmous by porn!

What is a Czech Gloryhole (female gloryhole)?

Czech Female Gloryholes at Xtasia UK

Czech Gloryholes at Xtasia

Visit Xtasia

So it’s probably no surprise that their ‘glory holes’ have become a killer experience for swinging women across the globe. To break it down, a glory hole is, in essence, a hole in a wall that a man sticks his penis in, and then a woman on the other side services them. Recently, they’ve become a popular addition to swinger’s parties – they tie in pretty well with the concept of swinging, and being with someone that isn’t your primary partner in a sexual way. The Czech Gloryhole is a variant of the traditional gloryhole. A large hole is made in a wall, on one side the woman lays down on a padded “bed”, with her waist and legs stuck through the hole. On the otherside, the woman’s legs are held up in stirrups, giving un restricted access for an annoymous fucking.

Are Czech Gloryholes Safe?

As with all swinging, safe sex in a Czech Gloryhole is a must. Safe sex can be achieved with the correct use of condoms and other safe sex measures,

Why should i consider a Czech (female) Gloryholes?

If you fancy being annonymously fucked in a clean and safe manner by multiple men, a Czech Gloryhole is going to be for you. Clearly, the guy on the other side is going to be getting off on the fact that you’re letting him fuck you. The act of it being anonymous is part of the thrill. When it comes to your end, the big things that are going to be doing it for you will be the fact that it’s so anonymous, and the fact that you’re in complete control of the situation.

That’s right. You’re the one calling the shots. They might think it’s demeaning for you to sit around and be used all night, but at the end of the day, you’re the one that decides how long you are fucked for and by how many people. There’s a level of power exchange here that most people think are flipped to the reverse. Czech Gloryholes often crossover with CNC (consensual non consent) and free use kinks.

Czech Female Gloryholes at Townhouse UK

Czech Female Gloryholes at Townhouse UK

Visit Townhouse

Saftey at Czech (female) Gloryholes

The thing is, this is happening at your swinger’s club. It’s totally safe and you’re only in that room because you wanted to be in there. There’s very little degradation to be found on the end of the person recieving the penetration, and an abundance of anonymous power. It also can fit your needs if you really get off on the concept of being used, or on the idea of servicing someone else. Just make sure you take lots of lube and condoms.

Basically, it’s an action and a type of fun that can actually elevate the experience of being used and giving mind blowing sex in a lot of different ways, for a lot of different people, with a lot of different people! Not every swingers club has a czech glory hole just yet, but they’re absolutely becoming more popular by the hour, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble locating one if you decide that the Czech glory hole is something that you want to give a try.

Where can I find a Czech Gloryhole?

Multiple clubs in the United Kingdom and the United States now have them, two of the best are Xtasia and Townhouse.

Where can i find Czech (female) Gloryholes?

Honestly, asking around at the club is one of the best ways to figure out what ‘secret’ or down low activities might be available all the way around, so even if you aren’t explicitly looking to get used at a glory hole, you still might find out about a new fun activity! Onlyswinging.com has a number of swingers websites that have Czech Gloryholes.

One of the best things about it is the fact that if you get in there and decide it freaks you out or it’s not your cup of tea… all you have to do is step back out the door and flip the sign to unoccupied. There won’t be any shame in backing out because it’s literally the most anonymous event that you can find at the club. You’ll have no problems finding another room to have fun in either, so there’s no concern about the night being a waste.

Basically, the concept combines anonymity with the act of service and a healthy dose of power exchange, giving you a totally unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else, with no fall backs or blow ups if you decide that it just isn’t for you. It’s worth that first try though, don’t you think?

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