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What If I Recognize Someone At A Swingers Club?

What If I Recognize Someone At A Swingers Club?

What is Swinging?

Swingers are people who are up for swapping their partners for sexual escapades. It used to be considered a niche community, but over time, the ability to find like minded people using the internet has allowed it to flourish to a whole new level. Now, it’s common to spot someone wearing one of those fun little rubber wrist bands that mark them as up for having that special brand of fun, and you can even find those annoying pop up ads not just advertising ‘hot singles in your area’ but ‘hot swingers in your area’. You know that something has to have become popular for even the porn ads to latch onto it!

In fact, the concept of being a swinger is one that has become widely enough known that it might bring up something… almost stressful to think about. As with many aspects of the bedroom, a lot of people consider their lives swinging to be separate from the life that they lead elsewhere. Basically, you never want your nine to five to cross wires with your hot and smokingly sexy time at the swinger’s club.

What happens if i see someone i know at a Swingers Club?

But sometimes, things happen that are just a little bit beyond our control, and you might find yourself in a position where there’s only one question on your mind. What are you supposed to do if you end up recognizing someone that’s at your swinger’s club? It could be Bill from HR. It might be Nancy from down the road. It could even be that one cousin you’ve always thought was a little sus but aren’t anywhere near close enough to pop the question.

The risk of Local Swinging

This is something that might be especially prevalent if you are from a smaller town or a more rural community, where maybe your options for swingers are a little on the small side, or the parties you attend are a little smaller than you might find out in the big city. So you really do need to be aware of the fact that this situation might pop up before you go into the club so you aren’t totally blind sided by it.

Even just acknowledging the fact that you’re at a party for local people should be enough to make you realize that, hey, you might actually know some of these locals from elsewhere! It’s a pretty easy concept to grasp once you remember that people don’t tend to drive three and four hours for a swinging party like they used to in the fifties. The internet has made it way more convenient to keep things a lot more local and easily accessible to everyone that’s involved in the fun.

Don’t make it weird if you see someone you know at a swingers club!

And honestly, there are really only a few things that you’re going to need to keep in mind for this situation. The biggest thing is just don’t make it weird! It’s a party, and there’s really no reason to go out of your way to talk to your coworker about office problems. But there’s also no reason to flat out avoid them. See if they’re comfortable chatting with you, or if they would prefer that you keep your distance in a mutual understanding sort of way.

And when the party is over, you forget that you ever saw them.

That’s right. I’m sure that you’ve heard the saying what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Well the same thing can be said about your swinging party. What happens at the party stays at the party. It’s not something that either of you need to discuss outside of the club; your personal life and your professional life (or your neighborhood life, or where ever you know them from) really should be kept separate in this instance.

This will prevent it from harming any reputation that they might have, or from damaging your professional work relationship. It just needs to be kept cordial, basically.

For the most part, this isn’t that hard. You already don’t go into the office and blab to the people around you about who you swapped with the night before, so now you just have to keep right on doing that same thing.

As long as you can allow them a modicum of privacy and treat the situation respectfully, there’s very little doubt that they’re going to do the same for you. Even though it’s a familiar face, you should both be able to continue on as though this hasn’t affected you professional or personal lives at all.

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