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Why You Should Have A Sexual Bucket List

Why You Should Have A Sexual Bucket List

Now, although a lot of people don’t seem to see anything wrong with their sex lives at the moment; however, the truth is that in recent times, despite the gift of lockdown, the majority of us are daily caught up with a huge sense of responsibility that leaves us completely drained and sexually inactive. This, of course, explains why the statistics of sexually unsatisfied spouses continue to be on the high side. 

It is never too late to start a sexual bucket list

Well, this might all seem normal until our short and long-term relationships gradually become boring and stale. But then, here’s the good news. It’s never too late to start improving and spicing up your sex life with all the fantasies you’ve hoarded long before now. And yes, like we already know, Rome wasn’t built in a day. So, why do you now expect your partner to enjoy your touch, kisses, breath, and all when you’re desperately rushing throughout the entire act?

Unfortunately, for many who wouldn’t want to rush, procrastination happened to be their limiting factor. “Hey, baby, I’m tired. Can this wait till morning?” Hell no, it can’t wait! While you’re prioritizing your business, career, etc; you need to understand that sex is also a vital aspect of our lives and as well it deserves all the attention and time we can afford it.

The Advantages of Having a Sexual Bucket List

In actuality, having a healthy sex life isn’t as difficult as most people assume it to be. As a matter of fact, all you need is a jump-off point – a sexual bucket list and an amazing partnership interested in helping you tick off as many naughty and kinky things as possible.

Now, no matter how dull your sexual life may seem to be, you need to know that there’s always room for improvement and continuous experimentation. Funnily enough, at this point, the singles may be forced to believe that this subject is only meant for people with partners, but then, that’s far from the truth. It’s worthy of note that the concept of sexuality has nothing to do with whether you’re married, dating, or single. The truth is that even as a single, having a sexual bucket list is important. It helps you to be a little more devious and able to explore your current level of freedom.

The Sexual Bucket List is More Than Just a Sex Reminder

When creating a sexual bucket list, the mistake that people sometimes make is that they see it as a to-do list that must be accomplished, rather than as a love language that should be expressed with ease and comfort. You do not have to add every kink that you ever hear of to your bucket list, just those that really get your juices flowing.

What to add to your Sexual Bucket List

It’s imperative to pinpoint that the items you pen down on your sexual bucket list shouldn’t only be aspirational fantasies that are outside your comfort zone. Well, it may not mean a thing at the early stage, but with time, you’ll realize that the purpose of making the list may have been defeated. Of course, there will always be hundreds, if not thousands of naughty things out there on the internet that can trigger the much-needed spark in your sexual life, but then, that can only happen if these things are not outside your comfort zone. 

For instance, although a lot of persons tend to include bringing in a third party in their sexual bucket list, the truth is that few other individuals may not see it as a big deal. For some reason, even though a threesome might somehow be your thing, another person may end up seeing it as an unromantic act, maybe because this person imagines himself or herself hovering around while struggling to fit in without much success. Now, for such a person, including a third party fantasy in their sexual bucket list is capable of defeating the purpose of creating the list in the first place. So, with comfort being a determining factor, it’s pretty much easier to know the things that you would want to include on your list and the ones you’d love to keep pending until you’re a little more comfortable with the thoughts of trying them out. As a swinger however, bringing a third party into the bedroom is probably either very high on your list or it will have already been ticked off!

Things You May Want to Include on Your Sexual Bucket List

As stated earlier, writing a sexual bucket list isn’t difficult at all. You can start with those things you did while you were still a teenager. Examples of such things that could make up your sexual bucket list include, having sex in the open field and public places like cinemas, toilets, pools, etc. While you and your partner are on this, you can’t help but feel some level of vulnerability. The thought of being caught in the act leaves you with nothing but extreme excitement while you beg for more. And yes, you can further add things like making out in the car, watching pornography together, sexting and masturbating over the phone, third-party sex, etc. 

Nonetheless, for personalities who feel teenage experiences aren’t their thing anymore, you can start by taking your sexual activities beyond the bedroom. Indeed, if your sex life starts and ends in the bedroom, then you need to step up your game. You can include things like sex in the kitchen, stairs, shower (as long as the necessary precaution is taken), bathtub, the list is endless. 

Also, having a super slow tantric sex, using sex toys and lubes, masturbating in front of your partner, experimenting with kinks such as ejaculation on the face, licking of the entire or selected body parts, rimming, dominance and submission sex, group sex, role-playing, oral and anal sex, period sex, etc; can help in boosting your sexual bucket list.

In essence, you should know that the sexual bucket list isn’t just about you ticking off some fantasies, but more about you spicing up your relationship and sex life. Hence, rather than focusing on it as if it were to be a to-do list, you should be more focused on having the fun of a lifetime!

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