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Where to go Dogging in the UK in 2023

Where to go Dogging in the UK in 2023

An introduction to Dogging in the UK

When it comes to dogging in the UK, it’s actually pretty easy to find a spot. There are a few places, like the car park in Gog Magogs, that are well known for being a hotspot for doggers, with people gathering to watch couples having sex – in broad daylight (Or at night). It’s actually so well known that several reporters for local news stations have gone out to check it out. Their findings did not disappoint. Namely, people gathered around to have sex with each other, outdoors, in broad daylight.

And if you don’t live somewhere close to Gog Magogs, that’s okay! See, this is becoming an increasingly popular trend in the UK. Leicestershire, for example, is well known for it! Several areas in the county are notorious for dogging spot with people arranging online to meet up for sex.

What is Dogging?

For those not in the know, the term dogging means to have or observe exhibitionist sex in a public or semi-public place, usually outside, where other people will watch and sometimes join in. Dogging has always meant ‘watching’ or ‘following’ and some people suggest it’s also used as having sex outside is similar to how dogs might have sex. Another theory is that taking the dog for a walk was a suitable cover story for participants.

Either way, it’s getting increasingly easy to figure out where and when to go for some dogging action in the UK. In fact, you can do a quick Google or Bing!) search and have countless results for where you can go dogging at, right there at the tips of your fingers! Honestly, the age of technology has truly gone and made pretty much everything about getting laid that much easier, by removing the old barrier of having to rely on grimy bars filled with possibly seedy conversation.

Where to go Dogging in the UK?

Now you can get valid information about  grimy, hot sex right there on your computer screen, in the comfort of your own bedroom… or on your phone at the park… or pretty much wherever there happens to be internet access! Once you locate the scene of the crime, so to speak, it’s time to get yourself ready. Anonymity is key. No one should reveal the identity of other doggers and you should create a dogging name to protect your identity.

Beyond that, once you locate somewhere that’s known online to be a popular dogging spot, it’s time to get your own research taken care of. Do some more online sleuthing to figure out what’s nearby the spot, preferably some place with easy access to a clean up location, and well away from children, or places that children might happen to wander off on.

Is Dogging Legal in the UK?

It is deffintely a gray area. The law in the UK states that you can be nude in public aslong as it does not cause offense. Therefore technically if you are getting jiggy in a very secluded spot, it is unlikley you will run in to trouble, even better if it is on private and secluded land! However, popular dogging spots are often visited by the police if near towns and cities.

The legality of Dogging in the UK

You also need to make sure that you aren’t going to be trespassing. Even if the internet claims that bit of private property is the perfect spot for dogging in the UK, the last thing you want is to take a trip to the slammer because you went tromping about some where that you shouldn’t have been.

So in short, you just need to take a few hours out of your busy schedule to look about online – you’ll find countless posts and maybe even a few forums to discuss the matter. Reddit is actually growing in popularity as a place to share this sort of information, due to the way that it’s moderated and the wide variety of content that it allows.

After that, the only thing that you need to do is locate the best way to get in and out of your picked out location, figure out whether you’re going to drive there or if you’re going to hitch a ride with a buddy, and then make sure to actually get there. Remember – daylight hours are key, and never to go dogging after dark, no matter how much fun that seems at the start!

Dogging in the UK roundup

Just because you’re having kinky sex outdoors doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be safe about it! You need to keep your head on, not get carried away by how excited you are over trying something new and supposedly illicit, and make sure not to breaking any laws by trespassing or damaging public property as you’re out having fun.

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