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What Is A CMNF Party?

What Is A CMNF Party?

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like at a CMNF Party, we’re here to help you out.

First thing’s first, let’s take a look at the abbreviation.

CMNF. That’s short for Clothed Male, Naked Female.

Yes, that means that all men at the party will be clothed and all women will be nude.

What does CMNF stand for?

Clothed Male, Naked Female

What is a Clothed Male Naked Female Party

It’s a pretty self explanatory term. CMNF events let their male guests wear clothes, from casual wear to dressing up in formal attirefor a party, while the women are required to attend completely nude; ass out and tits on display. Sometimes women are allowed to wear collars, stockings and hanesses, but the core concept must be honoured, that they are exposed.

These parties are meant to be a good time for all involved. As you might guess from the title, it’s got a heavy focus on embarrassing or humiliating the ladies, there is often a BDSM side with a submissve and dominant angle. These parties are almost always sexual and sometimes come with their own rules. It’s not uncommon for these events to have an entry fee placed on them. This helps cover the cost of the food and drink, the venue, and also helps provide an amount of security to both the men and women involved. People who just want to cause trouble probably won’t be willing to pay out of pocket. Quite often tese CMNF parties and events are limited to single women and male/female couples, it is common for single men to be barred from these events.

A clothed man at a CMNF Party

Being put on display at a CMNF party

Feeling embarrassed and exposed is a big part of the charm. So is being put on display for everyone to take a look at. Only the most confident women attend these parties… or women who just really get off on having all of their assets put on display for the rest of the world to see.

The men are often highly encouraged to compare the females bodies , point out who looks better or who might have bigger breasts, playing to the humiliation kink. While the event isn’t strictly sexual in nature, it’s generally allowed for men to get handsy with the females around; a bit of a sharing party, though sex itself isn’t always on the table. Pinching, groping, cupping, and grinding against are almost always encouraged.

What to expect at a CMNF party

It is a party, and you’ll often find party games. This might come about in the form of some serious play – we’ve seen CMNF parties where the women took turns getting off on a chair that had a dildo taped to it, and then got ranked on their performances. There might be more traditional ‘naked’ party games as well, such as body painting and dancing. Often women act as wwaitresses or hostesses in a BDSM CMNF event.

A wife at a CMNF Party – Courtesy of Cumception

CMNF Hostesses

Nude hostesses are almost always part of the affair. These might be hired on as ‘display pieces’, meaning that they aren’t part of the games themselves, or they could be friends to the host and willing to take part in the games at hand. The host will make certain to let all party goers know about these rules at the start of the night, so there aren’t any mistakes made.

Comfort and safety are important to Clothed Male Nude Female parties the same way that they’re important to all kink parties. Camera’s are left at the door. Sometimes, your phones will need to be left at the door, too, to ensure that pictures of unwilling parties aren’t snapped on the sly.

These events are for couples that are confident in their relationship, or for men and women who are looking to have fun in a setting that’s almost a swinging or BDSM environment. Body confidence, a love for being embarrassed, and being okay with some heavy petting are pretty much must’s for anyone that’s looking to attend a Clothed Male Nude Female party.

Setting the rules for a CMNF party

If you’re looking to host one of your own, you need to make sure that all of the ground rules are laid out for the guests to clearly see. Some parties come with strict signs; women who wear collars are ‘open’ to playing with all of the guests, for example, while women not wearing collars are ‘look only, don’t touch’.

Establishing these rules, and following them yourself, is essential to ensuring that every member of the party has a fun time and enjoys themselves. If you’re hosting, it’s going to be your responsibility to make sure that the rules are being followed, too. Some of these events come with a bouncer at the door who isn’t part of the play but makes sure that everyone stays safe.

All in all, the only real strict rule to Clothed Male Nude Female parties is the fact that, well, men show up dressed and the women have to leave their clothing at the door. Everything else is open to interpretation and changes on a scene by scene, and host by host, basis.

The goal of these parties is to have fun, let loose, and enjoy yourselves! And… maybe to get off along the way!

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