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What is a BBC Swingers party? (Big Black Cock Parties)

What is a BBC Swingers party? (Big Black Cock Parties)

What is a BBC party? We aren’t talking about the British Broadcasting Corporation, that’s for sure! When this phrase is used during the world of sex, BBC stands for Big Black Cock. That’s a bit more self explanatory, right? We’re sure you’re already forming a pretty nice, and large, mental picture. That’s half the fun! The other half is that this particular interest is finally making its way into the main stream through porn such as blacked.com. More and more often, you see BBC parties popping up on people’s forums or blogs, porn sites and like, there are even lots of clubs that have started hosting ‘BBC party nights’ or Black Man / Black Cock appreciation nights.

Who goes to a Big Black Cock (BBC) Sex Party

Most of these nights are attended by two sorts of people. Black men with impressive cocks, and white women who are super into that. The BBC community probably needs minimal introduction. It’s one of the most popular categories on porn hub and has been around for an impressively long amount of time. At Big Black Cock sex parties, these movies come into the real world where white women take part in cuckolding with their partners, where their husband sits around and watches a ‘bull’, the term for the black male in this scenario, dominates the wife. Because this is a party, you’re going to find that a lot of white women attend with the intention of getting fucked and getting fucked a lot, and you’ll find yourself privy to public sex and private sex in equal bounds.

What to consider before your first Big Black Cock (BBC) Sex Party

The thing to keep in mind is that no two sex parties are a like, and the same can be said for BBC parties. At some of these events, you’re going to find that there’s food and drink, a moderator to help keep things running smoothly, and maybe even some sexy, kinky party games taking place. These occasions tend to be on the lighter side of things.

Some Big Black Cock parties target 1 on 1 sex and some target gang bang style sex parties.

You can just as easily find BBC sex parties that take a rougher approach, where the white women show up with the sole intention of being ‘used’ by anyone who wants to use them, taking on a completely submissive role. These parties tend to be a little more on the BDSM side of things and tend to come with very specific rules, such as wearing colored bracelets that signify what you’re looking for so the men don’t actually have to stop and ask; they can just get straight to the action.

A great Q&A on BBC Swinging

Big Black Cock (BBC) Party related Kinks and Breeding Fetishes

One of the more niche aspects to this fetish is the idea of ‘breeding’ in which these women are so subservient to their black bulls that they allow themselves to become impregnated by them and see this as a turn on in itself. This doesn’t actually mean that the women are genuinely getting knocked up – birth control pills are pretty much a must if you’re a lady who attends sex parties! – but the thrill of that sort of dominance and masculinity still often ends up going hand in hand with the two kinks, especially at the harder hitting black light BBC parties.

Depending on your interests, you might find that one sex of party is more fitting your needs than the other. Consider it like sampling wine. There’s nothing wrong with taking a sip and deciding that a different brand is more your style. And of course, if you’re only just getting started attending BBC sex parties, or sex parties in general, it’s always suggested that you start with one of the more low key less intense events. Consider it to be the same thing as sticking toes in the water to test out the temps. It’s always a better idea than just jumping into the deep end feet first!

These parties are totally on the rise. In fact, London is one of the biggest hitters for hosting BBC parties! It’s a flourishing fetish. Just check out the London party Black Man’s Fan Club!

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