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9 of the most popular types of Swinging

9 of the most popular types of Swinging

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Swinging when Single

Swinging whilst being single can be a great experience, as either a single male or female. Single females are called “unicorns” within the swinging scene, this is because they are so rare! Often there are different entry prices at swinging Events swingers clubs that reflect this, it is not unheard of for single women to be allowed entry for free, whilst single men will be charged an entry fee and there will be limited spaces provided on a first come first served basis.

Swinging as a couple

The first time swinging as a couple can be exciting and daunting! As we’ve already discussed, make sure both of you want to swing, discuss your fantasies, list your limits and create a safe word! Remember, if one of you starts to feel jealous or feel uncomfortable, then you should both stop and re-evaluate. Once you are settled in and know each other’s boundaries and expectations, then start to go wild!

Hard of Soft Swapping

This often takes place in the form of soft swapping or full swapping, with two variants, either same room or separate room sex.

Swinging & Cuckoldry

A cuckold is a female or male who enjoys seeing their partner having sex with another. The most common form of this is a cuckold watching their female partner (wife or girlfriend) have sex with a more dominant Male, often called a bull. Popular cuckold experiences include the cuckold being restrained, wearing a chastity device and cum cleanup, I.e. licking up the bulls cum from the wife or girlfriend. Fucklicking has become a common cuckold experience in recent years. This is where a man and woman get in a 69 position, the man performing cullingnus whilst the bull fucks the female doggystyle, this puts the cuckold in a bottom position where they are forced to perform oral on both the female and the bull.

Bisexual Swinging

Swinging is all about experimentation and the fulfilment of your fantasies. With the most popular swinging practice being the threesome, it’s obvious that bisexuality can play a large part in swinging. Female bisexuality is very common in the swinging scene, although Male bisexuality is common, it is less practised when compared to female bisexuality. Whatever you feel comfortable with you should try!

Polyamory & Swinging

Polyamory is the practice of having more than one partner be it male or female. This maybe in the form of multiple loving relationships, or in the form of an open relationship where both partners are able to experiment, date and play with others, whilst in a relationship.

Lesbian Swinging

Female centric swinging parties and events have been boosted recently, with parties and clubs starting up around the ideology of female bisexuality and lesbian swinging. Examples of these include the UK based Killing Kittens series of parties, also strapon parties have become increasingly popular, with many swingers clubs now opening for ladies only nights.

Swinging for Gay Men

Swinging has always been deeply embedded within the gay culture. Bathhouses, Gay Saunas, Gay fetish events and Male only events have been around for centuries, if not millennia.

Hotwives, Stags and Vixens in Swinging

A hot wife is a wife within a couple where the wife enjoys having sex with multiple men, often going out on dates or taking part in special hot wife events. A hot wife is actively encouraged by the husband to be sexually open and to become an adulteress. Often the husband will be sexually excited by the idea of his wife being used by unknown or known men. Hot-wiving can be part of a cuckold relationship.

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