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XClube, in the course of its already long existence, has gone through several phases and has undergone several changes, including at the management level – evolutions typical of any organization that spans time. After project X started, in 2006, with a dozen couples, all of them swingers and connoisseurs of the field (hence the name X, equivalent to ten in Roman numerals), the first change in the constitution of the management team occurred after the first one. year – so, as of 2007, the XClube started to be managed by a team of seven couples, which remained until February 2013.

On February 9, 2013, and as a consequence of the inevitable wear and tear that managing a structure like XClube ends up causing, not forgetting a certain apathy that threatened to turn the club into a pale image of what it had been for years, one of its founding members, in together with four new partners (all of the clients/goers to space for several years, and, as such, perfectly identified with the environment and with their own characteristics), they decide to continue the XClube project, acquiring the shares of the former founding partners.

Thus, and as a result of this renewal, XClube once again enters a phase of great dynamism, once again drawing crowds of followers, who feel in that space something much deeper than just a swing club – assuming it as their own second home!

In 2018, as a result of the inexorable and uncontrollable facts of life, the premature disappearance of the founding partner who moved from the original XClube management team to the new management team led the four remaining partners to embrace the project with even greater intensity. And the results are in sight!

The fact is that, over the years that he has already been active, XClube has acquired a very own mystique, quickly becoming a landmark, both nationally and internationally, is unanimously considered as the unavoidable reference of its environment in Portugal, and as one of the largest at European level.

In fact, XClube is a club, which covers all age groups, all social classes, all ways of looking at the swing, maintains – from February 4, 2006, to the present day – a huge COHERENCE in its operating rules, never making concessions in this regard for any reason.

That’s why XClube has kept its unique and unchanging maxim throughout all these years: a club for couples and for couples! And, also, for this reason, XClube, through its current four managing partners, is transforming its already long history into an authentic urban legend.


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