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We have a discreet outward appearance (it is part of the philosophy). You should ring the bell and the person in charge will kindly assist you. Good looks, politeness and sobriety (not being drunk) are usually enough for us to invite you in. There are special days for couples or for partners and their guests; Inform yourself beforehand on the Web since in that case you will have to become a member or obtain an invitation which can be done on-line, by phone and others in the premises itself).

We only admit couples, although there are certain times and certain days when men can attend alone. Single women are always welcome. Access in these cases is usually limited to certain parts of the premises, the rest being restricted unless he is only invited by another couple from the interior to access the mixed areas. Take advantage of the opportunity that they admit single people to make an exploratory visit before going with your partner.

There are people who do not dare to go because they imagine that as you enter they will strip you of your clothes and put you in some kind of sadomasochistic pillory. Nothing further from reality.

Duos’s Club, when you walk in, it looks a lot like a small disco then there is the bar and the hallway that leads to the double rooms on the right side and the multiple or for Gang Bang and Dark Room and Glory Holes on the left side. If you continue in your exploration at the end you will find a spiral staircase that leads you down to the relaxation or massage room according to your taste, then one more staircase will take you to the sauna where you will find a dry canopy another steam room, a Spanish shower, and areas to talk and socialize, next to a cafeteria and changing rooms.

Nobody will bother you if you want to sit with your partner in the disco area. If you are curious, you can move around the premises freely to feel other areas. Of course, you will almost always find a television in the background where risque movies are shown. Do not be ashamed to move around the premises. Customers are usually not ashamed of you seeing them, quite the contrary, many people are turned on by that. Nor should you be ashamed of what you see if you take a look, after all, you are where you are and sex is an activity that has nothing wrong.

The first few times you may miss or draw attention to see a man or a woman with a washcloth or a sarong. It is normal. , It is normal for people to go with their wipe or even without anything. After all, it is a place to exchange couples. To access these areas, it is mandatory to also bring the washcloth. .

As you can see, we have different environments to see, explore and get started. Also to be seen and to break the ice. In these areas they can meet other couples. There is not only sex: sharing a pleasant conversation is a form of exchange. We have a dance floor, something darker and also more fun. It is a suitable place to enjoy and try some occasional contact. Remember that the limit is always set by you and normally a look or a gesture will be immediately understood as a yes or no. And he is not always respected.

If it is the first time that you come, we will gladly guide you and teach you the different areas.


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