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The Sala Liberal Latidos is a meeting place for swinger couples and liberal people. Everything is conditioned to achieve a select and relaxed environment where each person can fulfill their fantasies in accordance with this philosophy of life.

The bar, the music, the lights, the rooms … are designed to provide customers and friends with the best atmosphere and from here let the senses, curiosity or curiosity flow.

At Latidos we want liberal people (experts, initiates or novices) to never feel alone. That is why we have Paloma and Fernando who will take care of presenting or making available to those who need it, all the necessary information about this lifestyle.

What is NOT Heartbeats?

It is not a club. It is NOT a place where anyone can stop by in order to get easy sex. It is NOT a business of selling drinks and that each one manages as he can.

Latidos is NOT a liberal club where the boys alone roam freely, being able to annoy or annoy couples with the sole purpose of achieving their goals.

Heartbeats It is not a place that admits anyone in order to make money. We know that in the long run is the ruin of such a business.

That is why we want to take maximum care of all the details. If someone does not know this world, we will be happy to explain it, that they know the codes of the swinger world and finally, if they want they can enter it. If not, it does not matter if they are couples, girls or boys, we will not admit them to the premises.

The Liberal World

The swinger world is fundamentally an environment for couples, who can have sex with other people, without causing the relationship to suffer. For this, communication within the couple, total trust and the security of mutual feelings is very important.

“You need a lot of security in your partner, a lot of complicity and knowing how to love without possessing. To be able to say I love you and I share you and I enjoy watching you enjoy yourself, because I know that who you love is me .. “

They are usually very established couples who are excited by just fantasizing about the subject, but who are both excited at the same time, thus achieving great communication, which undoubtedly tends to strengthen the relationship.

Going from said to fact is the complicated thing. First of all, the couple must be very clear about what their fantasies are, but above all what their limits are.

Before the first experience in the liberal environment it is very important to speak naturally and without pressure on the subject. It is vital that neither of the two is forced by the other, nor blackmail, nor pressure of any kind, it must be a voluntary act and that it really appeals to both. If you can not open cracks in the couple that will have a difficult solution.

Ideally, first you go to a swinger club just to see the atmosphere and what it can offer you and want to do there but without participating in anything.

In some places, we do it, you can always talk to the owners or public relations, who will tell you that there is nothing to do the first day. What’s more, it may be inadvisable. It may also be interesting that they introduce you to some other experienced couple and surely by listening to them tell their experiences you will draw conclusions.

Why before participating it is necessary to make a pact of trust between the couple, about what they are willing to do and what they are willing to see your partner do. It is very important that the first experience, no matter how small, is pleasant since otherwise it will cause immediate rejection.

That is why it is essential to mark the limits of each one. It is very important to respect them, that there are no pressures and that if our partner’s limits prevent us from realizing one of our fantasies, we will gladly accept it, as the consequences can be disastrous for the couple.

It is important to be clear with each other and imagine yourself in different situations with different sexes and different degrees of contact. Each one will mark where their limit is and will mark the extent to which they accept that the other has contact with other people.

If the limit remains in caresses and touching with other people, no problem there are swingers called soft, who like to caress and be caressed by third parties, but prefer to end the act with their partner. The only really important thing is that the experience at the level that is reached is satisfactory and rewarding for both of you. And if one of the two declares that it would be very painful to see the other in this or that situation…. Really…. it is better not to open an insurmountable gap in the couple.

If the experience is exciting and rewarding for both of you … it is very likely that it will be repeated and perhaps time and confidence will allow you to advance further.


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