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The FRIENDS Club is a discreet, Members Only, Private club established in 1993, just on the edge of Austin, Texas. This is NOT a house party or a “club” of people that roam from one location to another, and simply group together.

The FRIENDS Club has a standing location that provides ADVENTUROUS COUPLES and SINGLE FEMALES a secure setting to interact, mingle, dance, and get to know one another (in a variety of ways!) … while partying through the night.

Ample and comfortable seating is provided around a centralized dance floor that makes you WANT to get up and get SHAKIN’!

The music is undefined, request-driven, and designed to appeal to a very broad audience. The latest songs on the radio (Hip-Hop, Top 40, Rock, and even some Country) are blended with classic Lifestyle Club songs like “Pour Some Sugar On Me”, and “Pussy Control” so that everyone has something they can get out and groove to through the party.

For your pleasures and indulgences The FRIENDS Club also provides a STRIPPER POLE, a GO-GO CAGE, and a SHADOW BOX that can bring a crowd to full attention at any point in the night.

In being a Members Only, Private Club that allows (NOT requires) clothing to be as minimal as a G-String, we are not able to serve alcohol. Basic set-ups are provided free of charge, and Premium set-ups (generally Energy Drinks and Juices) are sold for a small fee. This being the case, Members are allowed to bring in whatever beverages they find most conducive to the atmosphere and enjoy them responsibly.

In other words, The FRIENDS Club does NOT serve alcohol of any kind or in any way, but if you would like to bring your own we can provide you with a glass, and a bit of ice !

The FRIENDS Club is open every Friday and Saturday night from 9pm until 2am, and considers all interested parties as potential Members.

The focus at The FRIENDS Club is always on FUN and SEXY times in an environment that is seductive and filled with like minded adults.

Only a few years back, a woman with “junk in the trunk” was considered by many to be a little less than appealing, while recently there has been an ever growing number of people that are seeking exactly that form. The FRIENDS Club is not here to DEFINE what you find appealing. We are just here to help you FIND and CONNECT with those people that see the world in a comparable way to you!

Current Membership is required on each visit to The FRIENDS Club and is gained on completion of the Membership application, and payment of Annual or Trial/Weekend dues. Prices are listed above, and on our core website:

Cover charge is SEPARATE from Membership cost and is paid nightly to enter The FRIENDS Club.

The FRIENDS Club is NOT a feeding frenzy for uninhibited people to swarm everyone that walks in the door. The FRIENDS Club is simply an intimate, seductive, private location that allows many freedoms that are not provided in general public between consenting adults. Members are encouraged to take things only as far as they desire, but are allowed to go far beyond limits that society may normally impose.

We look forward to seeing you soon at The FRIENDS Club !


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