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How to start Dogging with your Wife

How to start Dogging with your Wife

An introduction to Dogging with Your Wife

When it comes to popular trends in the kink filled world of hot sex, dogging is truly a concept that’s on the rise. It’s the idea of having public outdoor sex, often during the day, in an area where other people are around. Sometimes it’s anonymous, just people who are meeting up on the fly for a fun time before parting ways. Sometimes, it’s spur of the moment; you’ve just spotted someone else at the park who is stupidly hot and the two of you meet eyes and come to an agreement. And other times, it’s your wife.

In fact, today that last line is what we’re going to be talking about: the idea of how to start dogging with your wife.

What exactly is Dogging

While the concept of dogging might come across as obscene, the reality of the situation is that the people who take part in the activity are just normal, every day people who happen to have unusual, but mutually enjoyed and totally consensual, interests. So if you’ve come across an article or have heard about it from a friend and you’ve found that your curiosity has been piqued, that’s totally normal. And if it’s something that you genuinely want to try, there’s no harm bringing it up to your wife! You might be surprised by how into it she could be!

Clearly that’s the first step in getting started. Have a couple of conversations about the concept with your wife. The two of you could look up local areas for dogging online; a quick search on Google should do the trick there, or you can jump over to Reddit and get a look at what’s going on in the forums. You’ll be surprised by not only how many other people are involved in the activity, but how many ‘popular’ dogging spots there are.

How do you signal other Doggers to take part?

If you have parked up and you are ready to get down and dirty and you are hapy for people to watch, you should flash your interior light. If you want the watchers to come closer or join in roll down your window of your car.

Setting your limits when Dogging

The next thing to do is figure out your limits, and your wife’s limits. Are you only interested in dogging with each other, the two of you mutually going somewhere public – but only to have sex with each other? Or are you alright with switching if someone else is interested? You should also bring plenty of lube and your own condoms when you go, especially if you plan on dogging with other people.

Don’t think you have to share, either! A huge part of the appeal in dogging is simply the concept of putting on a show for other people! Whether you let strangers join in or not is up to you. Look into the spot you’re picking before you go to get more information on it; sometimes, you’ll be confined to your car and there will be tips like flashing headlights to let other people know they can join in. Other places, like several car parks that butt up against wooded areas, are free taking for going outside of the car and having sex up against a tree.


Dogging in a car

Staying safe when Dogging

One of the biggest things to keep in mind is the fact that dogging is meant to be something where no one gets hurt. That’s why it never takes place on private property; only public property is used for dogging. You should also be certain to never cause property damage while you’re out, and to clean up after yourself – spent condoms, etc – before you leave. This keeps it as an activity that people can keep coming back to on the regular without any worry about getting in trouble with the law.

And of course, like with any high risk, out there sexual activity, there’s no harm in getting to the dogging location and then… deciding you aren’t into it. If nerves are a factor, especially on your wife’s end, suggest going out to the dogging local just to watch a couple of times, so she can get a better grasp for the situation and feel as though she isn’t walking into it totally blind. Plus, it really is hot to find someone going at it and be able to catch a nice view!

It can be a little stressful to bring the concept of dogging up to your wife, but we think that you’ll find it’s better to make the suggestion and be turned down than to always be wondering… what if?

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