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How To Start As A HotWife Beginner

How To Start As A HotWife Beginner

An introduction to being a Hot Wife

Today we’re going to take a look at a concept that often causes a stir in the bedroom – being a hotwife. Now, we aren’t just talking about being an attractive married woman. We’re talking about the concept of hotwifing. This is a hot, attractive lifestyle that suits some and not others. Whether it’s going to work for you is a matter of personal opinion.

What is a Hotwife

The concept of hotwifing is heavily embroiled in, not just sex, but also in love and emotions. It’s a fine line to walk, because you aren’t looking to date two people. It’s not about a woman having another boyfriend. It’s about her having a fuck buddy.

Not only that, but it’s about her having a fuck buddy that you’ve both gone shopping for. It needs to be someone that you’re both happy to have around, not just in regards to their look, but also in regards to their personality and their availability. The biggest piece of advice is to never go for a married man. It might seem convenient because they aren’t going to get emotionally attached to you, but that’s the opposite of the truth.

How to get started in Hotwifing

Thankfully, the internet has been a blessing for everyone interested in starting out as a hotwife and there are sites out there made just for finding people wo have a mutual interest in the lifestyle. The creation of the forums also make it easy for people to ask questions and have them answered in safe, helpful, and sometimes even fun ways.

After you ask your questions and pick your fuck buddy, it’s time for the action to start. You’re going to want to use the same precautions that you put into practice anytime that you meet an internet stranger in person for the first time; common sense means you shouldn’t be meeting anyone in a back alley or under the lone street light outside of the local gas station.

Our suggestion is to meet at a hotel bar, all three of you, and book two adjoining rooms. That will allow you all a chance to chat it up before the action takes place, keep you separate from each other with that layer of privacy, and make sure that the ‘first time’ goes safely and without a hitch.

Why Hotwifing

The basis of having a hotwife is that she’s going to tease you and rile you up, and then she’s going to get her jollies in with another man, before coming home and loving you. The emotional connection will remain purely between you and your wife, but the orgasmic bliss will be spread around.

And of course, the biggest hitch when it comes to just starting out is bringing it up. We’re going to make the suggestion that you wait until you’re both still riding that post orgasmic bliss, and then you drop and let her know how much you like it when other people eye her up. You let her know how hot and bothered it gets you, thinking about how badly other men want her. That will let you test out the waters. Then you wait a little while, wait a few days, a few rounds of sex, and then you bring it up again.

Bringing up and discussing hotwifing

After you test out the waters and you figure out where your wife lands on the spectrum of being interested, than you start bringing it up with a little more seriousness, you start telling her in more detail how you really feel about the matter. Once you figure out if she’s also into it, than you can start picking the right time to have a sit down conversation about it.

No more post sex bliss to use as a cover; no more riding that orgasmic high. It’s time to grab yourself by the balls, pull up your pants, and have a conversation about it out on the sofa like the adults you are.

And of course, there’s no reason not to make it hot out there, too!

The biggest thing to keep in mind as you work things out is the fact that you and your wife are both about to enter into a new stage of your relationship. This is meant to up lift the both of you, so have fun, stay safe, and be sexy!

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