Start: August 4, 2022
6:00 pm
End: August 5, 2022
3:00 am

Event Venue

9 Union St, Tranmere, Birkenhead CH42 3TL, UK

GPS: 53.379041, -3.013391

Xsite.UK is the newest swinging platform around and gaining more and more members everyday. Loads of our members enjoy catching up with Townhouse friends on Xsite, but there’s nothing better than meeting in person!

This fabulous event was chocca in June and so successful that we have now made it a regular feature on our calendar, with events running bi monthly 🙂 This is a perfect opportunity for Xsite members to finally meet each other if they haven’t managed to meet in person yet and get to know each other personally 😉 You can purely socialise if you want, there is never any pressure to get involved in play, or you can throw your inhibitions to the wind and explore the play areas! This is also a great chance to come over to Townhouse if you haven’t already and see what all the fuss is about.

The party is open to EVERYONE not just members of

This event is completely free of charge, we will just be taking your £10 bar deposit in advance to secure your place and this will then be offset against your tab on the night! So it’s still a free entry party. Please note though, that if you cancel or fail to attend, you will lose your tenner.

We have a subsidised, fully licensed bar with plenty of variety to suit most tastes, so please leave your own drinks at home. For nervous newbies, we don’t have an immediate dress down policy, so you can remain in your clothing all night on the groundfloor and upstairs in our playrooms until 10.30pm. After 10.30pm, if you want to venture upstairs, you will need to dress down.

So if you fancy a free night out, come on over and tell your friends!

See you all there!

Team Townhouse xxx



The not so small print……

Names on Ticket – You must use your real, legal name on your ticket for it to be valid. Please do not use N/A, a scene name or a pseudonym as this will invalidate your ticket without a refund. We will check the ticket name against your ID/membership on arrival.

Times – Doors open at 8pm and the venue closes at 2am; first time guests need to arrive before 9.30pm. Established members can arrive up until 10:30pm, when we lock our doors.

Deposit – We ask everyone to pay a £10 bar tab deposit on arrival and this must be paid in CASH. The £10 will be offset against your bar bill when you leave the club.

Covid – Due to new legislation from the government as of Thursday 24th February 2022, all covid restrictions in England have been dropped so we will no longer have any restrictions in place. Refunds will no longer be offered to those with a PCR result due to these changes.

Membership – Ladies, couples and single guys who were members prior to Covid must all renew their membership on their first visit. Please bring your old membership card, £10 IN CASH and your ID; please see the simple ID requirements below. New couples and ladies must also join on their first visit. Please see the membership page on our website for info on our new biometrics membership system. Single guy memberships are now open, please see our Membership page on the website for more information.

ID – We prefer a driving licence for ID but will accept a passport and recent bill/official letter; the latter can be electronic. If you do not hold a passport or driving licence, then 2 official letters/utility bills/bank statement dated in the last 3 months are also acceptable.   Both members of a couple must have ID if they are not current members.

Cancellations – If you cannot make an event, please email us as soon as possible to let us know. Tickets are not refundable or transferable to other people or events, so please only book when you are 100% certain you can make it. If you ‘no show’ for an event and don’t contact us to cancel, you will receive a strike. Please see our 3 strikes rule on our website.

Parking – you may park in our large car park adjacent to the club, which is also shared with Booker Wholesale during the day. It is floodlit and covered by CCTV.

Please go to our website for our dress code, rules and etiquette and tons of other useful info.


Townhouse, CH42 3TL

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