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Dogging for Newbies, How do I start Dogging?

Dogging for Newbies, How do I  start Dogging?

What exactly is Dogging

Dogging is essentially a couple or a group of people having sex, normally in cars or a wooden area in public or semi-public spaces in full view of others watching and enjoying the show and eventually masturbating. It’s like porn but in this case, you watch it live.

Dogging has become more and more popular, and that is why certain sets of rules have been developed, if you want, call it dogging etiquette. Of course, these are not strict rules, but they are the ways doggers behave to make sure everyone is having fun. If you follow these unwritten rules of dogging and notice the signs, you won’t go much wrong.

Dogging in the Car

Why has Dogging become so popular in the UK

Since Covid restrictions have started to ease, searches for Dogging spots and locations have trippled!

When you go dogging, you will notice that there are two different groups of people. There are “participants” who are people who are actively engaged in sex, either for a show in the car or outside, or partners who have joined the party.

And there are the “watchers or voyeurs, these are the people who are just watching the show and what else is going on. Maybe they’re new to the chase and don’t know what to do or they just like to see what’s going on as they touch themselves.

What are rules when Dogging?

The participants are people who actually have sex at the dogging location, they are the ones who lead the action, so to speak.

Knowing your limits when Dogging

It is easy to get carried away by the heat the moment, you are aroused and touched by different people. Make sure you and your partner (if you run in pairs) know each other’s limitations. Talk in advance about what you want to do and what not to do, what to expect, and whether to invite others to join.


Dogging signage

Hygiene and Saftey when Dogging

We’ve mentioned this before, but be clean. If you want others to join the party, you must be sure that it is clean and hygienic. Regular STI check are recommended

Safe sex when Dogging

Always make sure you practice safe sex, after all, you will have sex with complete strangers, so minimize the risks to your health. Most men bring (or should) bring condoms, but it’s always good to bring a lot of their own. Maybe it’s a good idea to pack a little lubricant even if you think you don’t need it.

Understanding the signals when Dogging

Make sure you are aware of the usual dogging signals and that you are clear about your fellow doggers.

The usual dogging signal is to turn on the interior car lights once to get attention. Leave the interior light on so doggers can come and watch you, and lower the windows to get a better look at them and open the door if you want them to touch or join in.

Turning on the car’s brake lights was a common sign, but it’s not as popular today because of the confusion it can cause for non-doggers.

When you’re ready for action, simply turn the car’s interior lights on and off a few times, then leave it on. That way people will know you are ready and want to be watched.

How to emjoy yourself whilst Dogging

Dogging revolves around excitement, fun and intense sex. Let others know you’re turned on, make noise and moan loudly if it’s your thing and shows that you appreciate it. The more you like it, the more people will enjoy watching it.

Dogging and its rules are constantly changing, but the rules we talked about in this article should help you get a good idea of ​​what to do and what not to do, and have fun.

General rules for Dogging

  • Use your common sense and be safe
  • Be polite and courteous at all times
  • Be patient
  • Accept that most dogging happen over weekends and usually after dark
  • Make sure you know how to handle yourself
  • Look out for dogging signals
  • Be discrete
  • Know your legal rights and be prepared to defend them
  • There will be a difference in age
  • Leave valuables at home or safely lock them in your car
  • Avoid pictures and being filmed
  • Respect your fellow doggers

Dogging rules for voyeurs

  • Maintain personal hygiene
  • Bring condoms along because you might want to join
  • Ask before you play
  • Make sure to understand dogging signals

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