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Considering a Greedy Girls Party? This is what you need to know.

Considering a Greedy Girls Party? This is what you need to know.

If you’re here, it’s because you’ve heard about greedy girls parties, and you’re thinking about going and attending one – which is totally awesome of you! We’re going to give you all the tips that you need to know before attending, starting with a clear break down of what, exactly, a greedy girls party is.

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What is a Greedy Girl?

A Greedy Girl is a woman who enjoys sexual encounters where she is outnumbered by men. Often a high ratio of men to women are involved. Greedy Girls by definition enjoy group sex, of gangbangs, blowbangs and bukkake.

What is a Greedy Girls Party

Basically, it’s a sex party where women who have a kink for being outnumbered by men get to go and have fun. Bukakke’s are in high demand here, but so are full out, and totally safe, gang bangs, orgies and blowbangs. Depending on what party you attend there will be specific rules and events hosted, which is the same for all sex parties. But that’s the basic pillar, so to speak, for any greedy girl party. The girls are greedy, and the men are happy to provide!

What happens at a Greedy Girls Party

Every party is different, but we’re going to cover some of the things that might happen, depending on where you go. Some parties always keep the light on. Some have social areas where the clothes stay on at all times, so you can get to know the guys that are about to give you a good time. And some parties have a dark room, often referred to as the dark grope room. This is a room where you would strip down before you go in and it is basically a room for people who like to grope or play in the dark. Either way, there will be multiple men having sex with a woman, often in a ration of at least 4 men to 1 woman, sometimes a lot lot more men! It is common for Greedy Girls to have sex with in excess of 10 men in a session.

Where can I find a Greedy Girls Party

You’ll find that a lot of these parties are hosted at discreet houses, though more and more sex clubs are adding greedy girl parties to their monthly agendas. To locate one, all you need to do is hop on the computer and do a quick search! The parties, despite having a focus on the men overtaking the women, put all of the power and control in the women’s hands. They make the rules ahead of time and the men either have to play by them, or they have to go.

Swingers clubs and sex clubs are often more than willing to organise greedy girls parties for a specific woman who is known to the club (they won’t flake out), where there are very high ratios of men to women, this could be 30+ men to a single woman. Often other women will act as “fluffers” in this instance, especially those that have come as a part of a couple/

Often, when women are hosting a greedy girl’s party, they’ll put the rules out on the invitation itself. Some people are specific, wanting only men of a certain age range or body type to apply, and others are seeking any man so long as they get the right number of people in attendance. The invites will typically also state whether they’re just looking for something like bukkake, or if it’s going to be a hands on, full out gang bang.

Image courtesey of greedygirlsparties.com

Safe Sex at a Greedy Girls Party

Condoms are at the discretion of the woman, but ALWAYS advised.. If she says to wear one, then there’s no arguing! Most of these parties will be hosted through a third party provider, and said provider will help screen the applicants, and will make sure that there’s someone there to help man the door and keep the fella’s in line. For the most part, there is no door fee, you just apply, get accepted, and step inside for a night of fun. There’s also usually no three strike rule. If you get kicked out of one party, you’re going to find that the provider has put your name on a ‘do not invite’ list, and you’ll be black listed from any future events, the police could also be contacted if you do not follow the rules, as with any sexual activity.

These two things help make sure that the guy’s attending your greedy girls party are always behaving, playing by the rules, and using their manners! Some of these parties even have themes – Santa’s little helper is popular around the holidays, but you’ll occasionally find that the woman hosting the event has included a list of approved kinks that she doesn’t mind coming into play at the main event. If a kink isn’t listed, than don’t try and bring it into play. You’re there to fuck, not steer the night!

If you’re interested in hosting an event, make sure to reach out to someone with experience – especially if it’s your first time inviting so many men around to play! And if you’re thinking about attending as one of the stud’s for the night, make sure you read the invite carefully and ALWAYS play by the rules… or else you’re going to find that your first time out at a greedy girls party is going to be your last time!

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