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An Introduction to Wife Swapping

An Introduction to Wife Swapping

An introduction to Wife Swapping 101

If you’re here, than it’s because you’re either looking about getting involved with the swapping lifestyle, or you’ve only just had your first party or two and are trying to get some pretty important questions answered. Luckily for you, we have all the dirty details and helpful hints needed to give you an on the wall introduction to the wife swapping life style you’ve always dreamed about!

A Group of Swinging Wife Swappers

What is Wife Swapping

Being blunt about it, wife swapping is the idea of finding another couple, married or not, and trading out your women for a night of debauchery. While the term ‘wife’ is most often used, this can also extend to involve girlfriend’s or even just female fuck buddies that are looking to test out even more new waters with you. Basically, if you’ve got a female partner of the sexual sort, then you can grab this term for your swaps.

The first thing you need to know is while you might get lucky enough to have an instant hit at the parties and find someone that you really click with for long term swinging, you’re also going to have people who you have a one nighter with, or spend some time around at a party, only to discover that they just don’t really do it for you.

And you know what? That’s more than okay!

While some people think it’s ideal to find the perfect candidate right off the bat, there are plenty of others who actually enjoy the process of shopping around. You’ve got to really be able to find someone that you click with – not only in the bedroom, but also when it comes to having enough in common, even if it’s just being the right age range, to understand limits, individual wants and needs, and basically be a match up that you’re going to get a kick out of watching fuck your wife.

A Couple Wife Swapping

How to start Wife Swapping

The fact that wife swapping itself is a partnered style of swinging means that you aren’t just going to want to look into the guy – you’re going to want to find a couple that fits both your wife’s needs and your own interests, which might take some time or some trial and error. Thankfully, the dawn of technology and high speed internet means that it’s easier than ever to find places to get together with other swingers, so even if the first time or two end up being a flop, there are plenty of other people that you can easily hook up with. Don’t rush into things either! Profile surf for a while and compare notes with your wife!

Where to meet before your first Wife Swap

One of the biggest things to keep in mind when it comes to just starting out on the wife swapping scene is that the first meeting you have with a couple should be all four of you, in a public space. Consider renting two side by side hotel rooms, or an adjoining hotel room, and getting drinks together at the hotel bar before you go and get into the down and dirty. This allows you a chance to make sure that their internet profiles match up with the real deal, lets you both get on the same page, and gives you all a chance to loosen up those inhibitions, shake off the nerves, and get the casual meet and greet out of the way without having to trade names while you’re already in the bedroom.

Like any other aspect of bedroom kinkery or sexual escapades, clear boundaries should be established between yourself and your wife before you go looking for a wife to swap out with… and then again between yourself and the other couple that’s getting involved in the fun.

So long as you remember to take things easy and not try to hit perfection on your very first go, we’re sure that you’ll find the ‘introductory nights’ to wife swapping are going to be some of the most fun you’ll ever have. After all, you can always have another ‘first time’ with a different wife! There’s no harm in having a little mess up or slip up at the start, so long as you and your wife are playing things safe and smart!

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