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7 reasons to get involved in the Swinging Lifestyle as a Couple

7 reasons to get involved in the Swinging Lifestyle as a Couple

The best 7 reasons to get involved in the swinging lifestyle as a couple

Those who do not really understand the swinging lifestyle have an image of swinging that is far from reality. Adult lifestyle like this traditionally tends to be a taboo. The first and only thing people think of is sex and an orgy mentality of the people choosing an alternative lifestyle. However, it goes so much deeper and is way beyond just having sex all the time with everyone.

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Freedom & Openness of the Swinging Lifestyle

  1. The biggest benefit is the sense of freedom that comes with the swinging lifestyle. People talk about things that are frowned upon in public but deep down everyone is curious about. It tends to strengthen the bond with your partner as you start talking about things openly and honestly especially when it comes to your sexuality, sex life, insecurities and new things you want to try. This leads to development of more trust and security than before. People wanting to give their marriage a libido boost should definitely try.

Exploring new kinks in the Swinging Lifestyle

  1. An amazing thing about swingers is that they are not shy and exhibit willingness to explore new things and tick things off their sexual fantasy bucket list. This lifestyle provides swingers with exposure to many new ideas that can turn fantasies into reality. For many people fantasies remain fantasies but it doesn’t have to be like this. Swingers get to live it as a reality. One fact about reality is that it is far more mind-blowing than a fantasy ever is.

Make friends in the Swinging Lifestyle

  1. Swinging lifestyle expands your social circle. Swingers have a lot of events and parties where they get to meet new people and make new friends. The best thing about these new friends is their open mindedness and non judgemental behavior. You can be yourself in front of these people without any fear of being judged or bashed. Such people are so easy to hang out with and this inevitably leads to a profound social and mental growth.

Sexy Lingerie & Outfits for Swinging Lifestyle Parties

  1. Swingers tend to have an interesting wardrobe. With all the events, there is plenty of opportunity to buy and add feisty outfits that you have always wanted to try, for example corsets, fishnets, crazy costumes for roleplay and literally anything. All of the sexy outfits get a lot more wear. People who buy costumes usually just wear them in the bedroom for merely an hour or so. Having an alternative lifestyle gives you more opportunities to wear sexy clothes in public, although not quite public. Same goes for men if they choose no judgement.

People also happen to experience ongoing sexual stimulation from new events that they have had, especially the intense ones. This phenomenon is called flashback energy. Having an amazing weekend makes Monday mornings more endurable thinking about all the pleasurable events, maybe even Tuesday or Wednesday and Thursday and so on.

Swinging offers the best of both worlds

  1. In swinging, couples can enjoy the best of both worlds. They can have an amazing committed relationship while still being able to enjoy singlehood at some levels. There is a positive impact on other areas of your life when you have a happy relationship and a mind-blowing sex life. It is impossible not to feel pretty good and attract other good things to you. Stress levels also begin to drop when you start feeling good within yourself and begin to cope with things in a better way.

Swinging brings back your youthful sex drive!

  1. Swinging also makes a person feel younger and more youthful. New encounters drive the individual to look attractive at all times. A boring and monotonous sex life, on the other hand, makes a person feel lousy and older sooner than they should. People lose interest in dressing up and hearing compliments just from their spouse is just not enough. Engaging with more people ignites the will of looking desirable and sexy more often. This boosts self confidence and personal growth as one passes through the early phase and rekindles their sexuality.

Get spicy with the Swinging Lifestyle

  1. Swinging is for those who want to spice up their lives. A lot of people secretly wish to try but fear the associated perception of immorality. Despite the numerous pros, it is not a solution for a problematic relationship. If a couple is having issues, swinging is never the answer. It will only add fuel to the fire. However, for those who are sick of the sexual monotony, swinging can do wonders for a relationship. So, if you are brave and open enough to survive this lifestyle, you are in for a treat.


Swinging is a recreational and social activity in which singles or committed, morally non-monogamous partnerships participate in sexual activities with other couples and individuals. Swinging has many essential benefits that we discussed above and helps you live a life full of enjoyment and happiness.

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